Quickly and easily see who has made changes to your records, what they changed and when. The History module tracks changes made to records within Webroster.net giving improved accountability for each user.  Managers can quickly and easily solve queries about changes made to rosters, timesheets, customers, clients, staff, orders and bookings.

webroster.net audit module

About the History Module

The history module tracks who made changes to your database (such as inserts, updates and deletions) and shows when such changes were made and which records were changed.

The ‘History’ button makes the module even easier to use, providing instant access to a detailed screen log of the changes made to records. Authorised users of the History module can immediately see the information they need without leaving the screen they are on.

Use the History module to reduce your carbon footprint


The History module helps you to reduce your carbon footprint.  With an online history trail clearly visible and all the information stored securely, there is no need to print lengthy reports for analysis and less paper is used overall.

What our customers say

“The information the Audit module generates is invaluable, providing instant access to data on who did what and when within the system.”

Christine Smith, Project Consultant at Audley Retirement

“Using Webroster.net allows our managers to spend more time managing the services and less time doing administrative tasks.”

Shirley Harris, Director of Operations, Future Homecare

“Webroster.net offers a greener approach to communicating with employees and service users as well as a faster and more secure back-up system”

Andrew Bindley, IT and Finance Director, AJ Social Care

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