Alert Manager

Alert Manager provides real time notification of unacceptable deviations to schedules. Alert Manager works alongside your Webroster call monitoring (Time and Attendance) system to enable you to react quickly when staff do not arrive or leave bookings as expected.


Alert Manager

About Alert Manager

Alert Manager receives real time check in and check out information from your Webroster call monitoring system (Bee or VOIPTrac™). This information is compared to the planned schedules within the database. If the real time check in or check out time deviates from the planned roster an alert is raised.

By raising an alert if a staff member arrives or leaves too early or too late, or not at all,  managers the chance to react to a potential problem and prevent it escalating.

Quick and easy notification ECM Alert Manager

Why use Alert Manager

  • Improve service delivery by reacting quickly to unplanned deviations to schedules
  • Maintain control over field staff
  • Real time notification of unacceptable deviations to schedules
  • Encourage staff punctuality

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