Additional Services

What do you want to do?

  • Want to view your staff and clients on a map? See our Travel and Mapping solutions to add a new dimension to your rostering.
  • Want to know when staff do not check in or out of visits on time? See Alert Manager for your ECM system.
  • Want to send staff an SMS when the roster changes? See our SMS solution.

  • Want to see who has made changes to your database and when? Take a look at our History module.
  • Want to store and access key documents securely online? See our Document Management solution.
  • Want to have detailed reports on your business performance? MIS reports give you detailed management information from your database.

  • Want your staff to access to their roster easily? Our staff portals are designed to give staff access to their roster and other key information.
  • Want to give your clients peace of mind? Our client portals give clients and their families access to their weekly visit schedule.

Adding to your system

The Webroster Customer Experience Team will work closely with you to establish the specific needs of your business and recommend a solution. Our Additional Services take your system from rostering, invoicing and payroll through to a complete business management solution.

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