Webroster.net V3 saves customers time and money as Webroster celebrates 10 years in business

An online workforce management system that makes businesses more efficient, effective and profitable has been given a whole new look by industry experts Webroster.

Launched to coincide with the company’s 10th birthday celebrations, Webroster.net Version 3 saves users in the homecare, security and cleaning sectors time and money by negating the need for manual rosters, timesheets, mileage forms and worksheets.

Providing users with 24-hour access to all the information they need online, the new version includes a range of unique features and enhancements that make it quicker and easier to roster, manage and track staff in the field as they move between visits.

These new features include:

• Client Groups functionality – this allows users greater flexibility in event management, enabling them to roster staff and service users to any part of an event.

• Mapping – this exciting innovation integrates Google Maps into the online system, allowing users a clear picture of staff and service user locations and helping them develop time-efficient runs between visits.

• Terminologies – this feature allows users to change up to 15 terms within the Webroster.net system according to company policy or industry variations.

Already recognised as a pioneer in the field of web-based workforce management systems, having launched the first of its kind for the homecare sector five years ahead of the competition in 2002, Webroster.net V3 builds on the success of previous versions with performance and structure improvements as well as a new look.

Benefits for users include fewer clicks and more shortcuts, a reduced likelihood of eye strain, customisable fields to store additional contact or location details and more advanced search functions.

Webroster’s Managing Director, Nigel Gittins says the decade’s worth of experience that has gone into developing Webroster.net V3 makes it the obvious choice for providers looking to reduce the cost of managing their workforce both now and in the future.

He said: “I’m extremely proud of what has been achieved with Webroster.net V3 and what it can do for providers.

“Experience has taught us that customers are always the most important people when it comes to improving our product, which is why we have listened to as much feedback as possible over the last ten years and made the improvements where they matter most.

“The development of Webroster.net V3 has been no different, which is why I’m so confident it will be well received by the industry.

“The fact that we’ve made the new system as future proof as possible by enhancing the core design should also inspire confidence in companies looking to save money on managing their staff.”

Webroster.net V3 also makes use of cutting-edge mobile technology to benefit users across the industry.

The company’s PhotoTrac™ app is now available on Iphone as well as Android devices, giving more options for staff to send real time checking in and out data to the Webroster.net database from a client location, and for deviations to be checked automatically against the booking schedule.

The use of QR codes replaces 2D bar codes used in previous versions, improving reliability and allowing more data to be stored.

Shirley Harris, Director of Operations at Future Home Care said: “Using Webroster.net allows our managers to spend more time managing our services and less time doing administrative tasks such as verifying time sheets. Since using Webroster we have saved eight hours per day and over £700 per week.”

A ‘panic button’ function is also included improving security and increasing peace of mind for lone workers.

Webroster.net packages can be tailored to specific customer needs with a wide range of optional modules to choose from and comes with a full package of support as standard.

For more information about Webroster.net V3 and to book a demo click here https://www.webroster.co.uk/products/version-three