Webroster.net Introduces Real Time Mapping

Workforce management software provider, Webroster.net has enhanced its existing mapping functionality by launching a new module for visual field staff management in real time.

The new ‘Real Time Mapping’ functionality was released in February and allows managers to track the location of their field staff in real time. This means that customers can improve the quality of their service by ensuring that field staff are where they should be. It also allows them to react quickly to any issues that may arise, by diverting routes that staff members are due to take or re-scheduling another staff member to a requirement.

Real Time Mapping is an optional addition to the Webroster.net workforce management system which is used widely across the care, security and cleaning industries to roster and manage field staff. The new functionality plots the locations of field staff on a map so that office staff can quickly and easily get an overview of where each individual is.

This can work in three different ways depending on the level of tracking required. The first option displays the field staff members’ location according to their roster, which is already kept within the Webroster.net system. The second option displays where each field staff member was last known to be depending on where they last checked into our out of, using an electronic call monitoring system. The third option uses GPS functionality on the field staff members’ mobile phone to determine their exact location.

Sales Director, Natasha Lunt said: “In some cases, customers just want to visualise the location of the requirement in respect to the location of staff members to help with decision making. This new facility will help a great deal in finding and booking the most suitable member of staff without compromising on skill sets or continuity of care.

“The new Real Time Mapping module has been designed with lone workers in mind to ensure that the safety of staff is paramount. Customers can see where their staff are and receive alerts in real time, meaning that they can react to any issues without delays.”

The Real Time Mapping module also includes ‘BackTrac’ functionality which plays back the exact routes that staff members have taken over the past month, on a map. This is highly beneficial for compliance and dispute resolution as well as for internal monitoring.

Development Manager, Richard Ward said: “All humans are geographers that use cognitive maps to supplement spatial decisions and Webroster.net’s mapping modules now aid this.  For decisions based on the proximity of staff to clients, such as ‘who is closest?’ or for decisions based on size and location, such as ‘how many staff/clients are within five miles of Peterborough city centre?’ Webroster.net’s new mapping functionality provides a more efficient means to evaluate this data.

“Webroster.net is considered to be one of the top players in the field of mapping scheduling software. Through a blend of technologies, we can now provide a unique and insightful way to evaluate complex data models, and provide faster and more accurate decisions based on geographic proximity problems.”

The launch of Real Time Mapping formed part of the Webroster.net Version 3.1 upgrade. The update also included additions to the existing Roster Mapping module which allows staff and clients to be booked from a map screen. Other enhancements to Webroster.net system included the introduction of auto allocation, a re-launched field staff app; ‘Bee’ and the launch of an MIS suite.

For more information about Webroster.net and its services, please email info@webroster.com or call 01733 311599.

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