Webroster.net announces User Group Road Shows 2012

The market leading software provider, Webroster.net has announced a second series of User Group Road Shows for its customers during the Summer and Autumn this year, to give customers the chance to hear about and share ideas for future plans for the workforce management system.

Webroster.net is an online application used widely within the health and social care industries to automatically roster, manage and track staff. Road shows will be held in London in May and York and Birmingham in June. These will be followed by Edinburgh and Manchester in October and Bristol in November. The events are an opportunity for customers to communicate their views on Webroster.net and have a say in what is developed in the future. It is also an ideal occasion for customers to network and share how they use the system with others.

The company introduced User Group Road Shows last year in a change to its traditional annual, national User Group meeting. Managing Director Nigel Gittins said: “By holding a series of smaller events we can spend more time discussing the issues, developments and products that customers want to hear about. Feedback from last year showed that this format was more beneficial to customers. They had the opportunity to give their opinion and speak directly to the developers, which makes the event more valuable for both parties.”

Webroster provides market leading software solutions that are designed to enhance business through the use of the internet, and as such, introduce new ways of working to many organisations. Its products help customers to take advantage of the latest technologies in order to make their business more efficient and profitable.

Its main product, Webroster.net, offers workforce management and rostering solutions, which has evolved from extensive first‐hand experience of the resource industry. It gives the professional manager more time, control and significantly improved efficiency across planning, attendance and monitoring activities.

For more information about the Webroster.net User Group Road Shows, please email info@webroster.net or call 01733 311599.