Webroster.net announces PhotoTrac™ iPhone app

Workforce management software provider, Webroster.net will be launching an iPhone app for it’s electronic call monitoring system, PhotoTrac™.

PhotoTrac™ has previously been available on a wide range of Android phones, but customers will soon be able to use it with Apple’s iPhone, giving much more choice for those who use the system. PhotoTrac™ is used widely within the care industry to monitor field staff. It logs information about where and when they check in or out and sends this information to the Webroster.net database using barcodes.

This new enhanced version of the app will use QR codes for improved reliability. Managing Director, Nigel Gittins said: “This is a key development for PhotoTrac™ as it will allow us to give customers much more choice in the device they use. These days people often need to work anywhere and at any time, we feel the key to making this happen is to make relevant mobile and web based tools easily available.”

“Our aim is to increase the amount of devices that Webroster.net software is compatible with generally and this is a big step in the right direction. We recognised the fact that iPhones are hugely popular particularly for personal use, so developing PhotoTrac™ compatibility may prevent organisations from needing to invest so heavily in business phones.” Continued Nigel.

PhotoTrac™ uses smartphones to read a barcode at the client to enable field staff to easily check in and out of bookings. Lead Developer, Richard Ward, explains how it works: “Each client has a unique barcode. Upon arrival and departure each field staff member scans the barcode using the PhotoTrac™ application on their mobile phone. The barcode information and date/time stamp is in turn sent to an online database in real time using 3G/GPRS or a wireless network. This information is used to verify and build timesheet data in real time.”

Webroster.net is a web based rostering system used to match staff to clients to create schedules, timesheets, invoices and payroll. The new PhotoTrac™ iPhone app will be available with the forthcoming Webroster.net v3 release this summer which will also include upgrades to all mobile platforms.

For more information about Webroster.net and its services, please email info@webroster.net or call 01733 311599.

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