Webroster.net adds new functionality to help with AWR

Workforce management system, Webroster.net, has added new features into its latest software release to help its customers manage the new Agency Worker Regulations (AWR).

Webroster.net is an online application used within the health and social care industries to roster, manage and track staff. It negates the need for manual rosters, timesheets, mileage forms and worksheets by storing all the necessary information in one easy to use online application.

AWR came into force at the end of last year. The legislation requires temporary workers to be given equal rights and conditions to directly employed staff upon completion of a 12 week qualifying period in the same role at the same company.

Webroster.net v2.3.0 was released in December. It includes new functionality to help system users manage the 12 week qualifying period and any uplift to staff pay and charges that may be required in order for temporary staff to be given the same pay, terms and conditions as an employed worker.

Gary Doades, Technical Director said: “Many of our customers either supply or hire temporary workers and so are greatly affected by the regulations. We have therefore added a series of complex formulas to Webroster.net in order for it to be used as a tool to manage the qualification and administration of AWR. The aim is to negate lengthy manual processes for our customers and help them to ensure they operate in line with the legislation.

“Essentially, AWR qualification is based on the staff member carrying out a Role for a Hirer over a 12 week period. So, Webroster.net can check for unique Hirer‐Role pairings for AWR purposes based on timesheet information, and automatically apply relevant uplifts at the appropriate time.” Continued Gary.

A standard report showing the AWR enabled Staff members, their Hirer‐Role pairing, the start and end dates of AWR qualification and the uplift percentages is also provided as part of the AWR developments. Webroster will continually monitor the usage of the new AWR functionality and make improvements as and when necessary. Managing Director, Nigel Gittins said: “As the legislation is new to everyone, we will be working with our customers over a period of time to see how they are affected by AWR and to ensure that the new functionality is developed in line with customer needs.”

For more information about Webroster.net, please contact info@webroster.net or call 01733 311599.

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