Webroster launch Two-Way Messaging for their remote worker app Bee

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Bee is an easy to use app designed for field based staff, giving them quick and easy access to all the information they need for their daily visits or bookings. The app works alongside the Webroster.net online workforce management software and is available for both Android and iPhones. Bee gives workers access to their daily and weekly roster, with changes and updates communicated in real time cutting down on administration and phone calls to staff in the field.Two-way messaging for Bee app

The new Bee Messaging module works alongside the Bee Android app, bringing two-way messaging functionality to Bee. Text based (SMS style) messages and booking enquiries can be sent directly to the Bee app from Webroster.net. Using Bee Messaging means messaging to field staff can be contained within Webroster.net, with no need to switch to other methods to send messages to field staff.

“Two-way messaging is a great addition to the functionality of the Bee app” explains Marketing Manager, Naomi Dainty, “Not only will it save customers time and money spent on SMS messages but it also gives field staff a quick and easy way to communicate with managers back in the office”.

Sending messages or booking enquiries to staff is actioned within Webroster.net allowing full traceability of when messages were sent, downloaded and read. This gives additional peace of mind for managers and the ability to demonstrate compliance, with a full audit trail of communications to staff available in the system.

The two-way messaging functionality has been design to be easy and intuitive to use. Field staff are able to favourite messages containing information they want to keep, saving the message on the phone for future reference. The Bee app is accessed using a secure sign in page with the option to use a 4-digit PIN code. Should the phone be lost or a staff member leaves the company, the data can be remotely wiped from the phone removing all content from the app.

Over 2,800 field based staff use the Webroster Bee app to enable them to work more independently. To find out more about how Bee can keep your field based team happy call 01733 311599 or email info@webroster.com.

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