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webroster apprenticeBack in June this year we welcomed Chris Spencer to our Customer Support Team. Chris joined us as an apprentice to learn the ropes in Customer Support and enhance our Customer Experience Team. Customer Experience is really important to us here at Webroster and we believe it sets us apart from other providers.  By recruiting an apprentice we are ensuring we offer our customers continuity of service well into the future.

We asked Chris to share his diary from the first three months of working at Webroster, from his first day nerves to becoming a fully-fledged member of the Webroster team! 

Month 1:

On my first day I was feeling very nervous as well as sleep deprived. I’d spent the night having panic dreams that I was going to mess up the day in unimaginable ways.  From turning up with a missing shoe, to being late and forgetting to wake up, I probably dreamed it all! However, my first day, and week for that matter, went really smoothly and I quickly realised I had nothing to worry about. I got to meet my colleagues in all departments from support, IT Services, marketing, sales, development to management and finance. I was given an overview of the company and chance to discover what all the departments do.

Over the course of the month I had to take in a huge amount of information about the products, customers, my job role and how the company runs as a whole.  But with the help of the Customer Support team as my mentors I was guided through it all.

cakes at webrosterDuring my first month I participated in various activities with Webroster including;

One of the things I learnt very swiftly in this company is, if there is a reason to buy cakes, no matter how small, they will be purchased for the team to indulge on! My first month was an exciting, information overload, fantastic experience learning a new product and working with great colleagues!

Month 2:

I am settled in my role, learning everything I can, when I can. I am now feeling like fully-fledged member of the Webroster team.  I am continuing to develop and hone my skills as first line support.  With the help of the Customer Support Team I am now able to assist more and more customers.

This month also marks the start of my day release at Peterborough College where I have met lots more people just about to embark on their own new adventures.

Month 3:

August marked the launch of the Customer Experience Team at Webroster bringing together Customer Support, Implementation and report writing into one team. This has given me the opportunity to work more closely with colleagues from other parts of the business.

This month I was able to meet with some customers when they visited the Webroster offices, which I’m sure will help to build a great working relationship. At the end of the month I passed my probation at Webroster with flying colours meaning that I’m here to stay!

Overall in the past 3 months the skills I have learned and developed are;

  • Improved my communication skills generally.
  • Learned how to communicate with people at all levels in my work place, college and with customers.
  • Basic database queries in SQL.
  • Logical thinking – all problems have a process so logical thinking is important.
  • Asking questions – learning what questions to ask to get the right information to be able to help customers.
  • Learning how to behave in the work place – knowing when and how to be professional, but also when to have a laugh and joke too.
  • Improved my technical knowledge.

My first three months at Webroster have been an amazing experience. I have developed and learned a lot and I’m looking forward to a great future here.

Find our more about Peterborough College here

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