Updates to Bee for iPhone: version 1.2.0

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Our Bee app has revolutionised the way home care providers work. The app allows care workers to easily access essential information via their phone, whilst also providing them with a quick and easy way to check in and out of appointments.

We’re now pleased to announce that we have enhanced our Bee app even further, offering additional functionality for Bee users on iPhone.

Bee for iPhone: version 1.2.0

The latest version of our Bee app for iPhone is now available via iTunes:


If you do not currently use our Bee app, you can find out more by getting in touch with Webroster Ltd today.

The benefits to you

The full list of new features and enhancements are listed below. In summary, however, version 1.2.0 brings three big benefits for Bee users and care providers:

  • Thanks to version 1.2.0, Bee for iPhone now has much of the same functionality as the Android version of the app. That means it is now much easier to implement a ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) scheme, as Bee users will have a consistent experience using the app regardless of whether they use an Android or iOS device. Find out more about implementing a BYOD scheme, from allowing staff to use a device they’re familiar with through to how it could bring you significant cost-savings, in our blog.
  • If you use both everyLIFE’s PASSsystem mobile app and the Webroster.net Bee app, you can now use the interface to work between the two. Read more about the everyLIFE and Webroster Ltd partnership.
  • New features ensure workers view the information they need, when they need it – ultimately improving communication between care providers and coordinators.

Read on to find out how these benefits are brought to you through new features and additional enhancements in Bee for iPhone version 1.2.0:

What’s new to Bee for iPhone version 1.2.0?

New features:

  • Offline login: Bee users can log in to the app, access their information and check-in or out of appointments when their device does not have a valid Internet connection or is unable to reach the Webroster.net server. Offline login allows users to login when there is no connectivity to ensure seamless work and view information they already have. Please note: to be able to login without a valid Internet connection ‘Offline Login’ must be enabled in the Webroster settings and the user will only be able to login offline within a pre-defined time interval, which is also set in Webroster settings. For example, if the time interval is set at 30 minutes, a Bee user will be able to log in to the app up to 30 minutes after they last logged in and connected with the Webroster.net server via a valid Internet connection (whether that is via 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi).
  • Two-way messaging: Office staff that use Webroster.net can send an unlimited number of messages to Bee users and receive their responses. Not only that, the two-way messaging feature also allows Webroster.net users to view when the message was delivered to and read by the Bee user.
  • Receive single or grouped booking enquiries: Users can receive single or grouped booking enquiries directly to the Bee app, allowing them to decide whether to accept or reject the request within the app.
  • Tracking outcome based tasks: Users can log and record the progress of a client towards achieving their agreed outcome based tasks, helping to track the client’s progress.

Additional enhancements have also been introduced that allow:

  • A choice of scan methods to check-in or out of a visit: Bee users can now choose from different scan methods in the ‘Schedule and Bookings Detail’ screen. Users can long press ‘Add Visit’ or ‘Check-in/Out’ and select their chosen scanning option. The default scanning option will, however, stay the same.
  • The periodic syncing of schedules: As long as location services are turned on for the Bee app, the app can now be forced to sync with the Webroster.net server at set intervals, for example every 30 minutes. This ensures all information in the Bee app is up to date.

PASSsystem and Webroster.net users now have seamless integration:

  • The PASSsystem and Webroster.netA two-way interface has been developed between our online rostering system, Webroster.net, and care management system The PASSsystem, which enables mutual clients to use both systems in tandem without duplicating data.
  • Version 1.2.0 of the Bee app allows Bee users to switch between the Bee and PASSsystem apps inside any booking. This allows the user to record relevant information in both apps.
  • This integration is only available for customers using Webroster.net and The PASSsystem.

For example:

  1. A booking will be planned and scheduled in Webroster.net.
  2. The care worker uses Webroster’s Bee app to check in to the booking.
  3. When the care worker clicks PASSsystem icon in booking detail, it navigates to the same booking in The PASSsystem to view tasks, medication and further details.
  4. After coming back to Bee, when the care worker checks out and all time and attendance information is sent to Webroster.net for invoicing and payroll.

Find out how Bee could help your field based staff work more independently – call 01733 311599 or email us.

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