Payroll Legislation: What’s next

In early February we got in touch to let you know that the legislation around the detail of payments, on a payslip, is changing as of April 2019.  

We asked for you, our customers, to get in touch if you thought the legislation would impact you, or if you had any questions.  

We are pleased to announce that, since then, we have received your correspondence and have made enhancements to You will now be able to break down details around the hours/units worked according to type of work or rate paid, as well as the total amount paid, on payslips.  

From the feedback we collected since early February, for the majority of our customers it will be business as usual – we have simply introduced an update to the current payroll export and a new more detailed report.  

You can read about both of these in more detail below:  

UPDATED: Payroll Export

This export now outputs total amounts payable, rates and units to make it compatible with the majority of major payroll providers. 

NEW: Payroll Detail Report

This is a new report to be released, similar to the existing summary report. This new payroll detail report will additionally break down each staff members payroll by the pay code.  

If you have any questions regarding these changes or would like any additional information, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Email us on:  

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