A huge Webroster welcome to our new team members

We are delighted to welcome three new team members to the Webroster team – Diane Healey, as account manager, Chris Ely, as business analyst, and Sharon Warr, as operations manager. 

One of them has been a Webroster customer for over eight years, another once sold Manchester United Football Club a payroll solution (and had to ensure the system could cater for all the ‘zeros’ in Roy Keane’s P60!), and the third previously one the Leadership Award at blue-chip company Johnson&Johnson. But who’s who? You’ll have to keep reading to find out!  

Sharon Warr, Operations Manager

Sharon joined the Webroster team in November 2018 but has quickly been getting to know each of the Webroster departments and areas of specialism. Bringing exceptional expertise in project management, Sharon will be supporting the whole of our company and our business-wide processes.  

Sharon explained, “My previous experience has been at a range of blue-chip companies. I hope to bring the wealth of knowledge I gathered in those roles to benefit not just the Webroster team but our customers too.” 

Sharon’s leadership skills will also prove invaluable to the Webroster team – she is indeed the winner of the Johnson&Johnson Leadership Award, which she was nominated for and awarded after topping a ballot! 

Another career highlight for Sharon is her role as a mentor, “I’m incredibly proud to have trained and mentored three excellent planners throughout my career. I still work with them today offering my guidance wherever they need it.” 

Outside of her busy career, Sharon enjoys a trip to the theatre – particularly if a musical is on, whilst also socialising with friends and keeping fit.  

Chris Ely, Business Analyst

Chris has been working with Webroster for eight years – either with our partners or as a customer. That means Chris knows our staff rostering software inside-out – and he also understands how you, as our customers, have changing requirements.  

Chris explained, “I know that as companies change, grow, and constantly face the challenges of the care industry that their software requirements transform over time.  

“Webroster has always been dedicated to making sure its products develop according to customer feedback and need. As business analyst I’m here to help make that continue – I listen to customers, understand what they want to achieve and make sure that is turned into deliverables from Webroster.net.” 

Working at Webroster, Chris enjoys tapping into the strengths of each team member and always brings a can-do attitude – critical when we’re looking to constantly innovate. His main objective for his role at Webroster is creating the best possible user journey – something he’s been working hard on since joining the team in September 2018 and attending one of our forums to gather feedback from customers.  

There’s no rest when Chris gets home after a busy day at Webroster though – he has twin daughters to keep him busy and loves to do anything sport related when he has the opportunity! 

Diane Healey, Account Manager

Diane has been busy getting to know our customers since joining Webroster in November 2018. Key to her role is being the point of contact for many of our customers, whilst also working strategically with our partner organisations.  

“I’m looking forward to building long-term relationships with Webroster’s customers, helping them to make the most of the rostering software. It’s a great time to be joining the team – the company is rapidly expanding, there’s exciting developments on the horizon, and it generally feels like being a part of a growing family,” Diane commented.  

With 20 years’ experience in sales and account management in IT, HR, payroll and people management, Diane has career highlights from selling Manchester United Football Club a payroll solution (and ensuring the system could cater for all the ‘zeros’ in Roy Keane’s P60!) as well as helping to formulate a new, complex payroll solution for the BBC.  

Diane’s supportive approach will undoubtedly be of benefit to our customers – she’s there to offer her guidance wherever possible.  

Diane keeps up the pace outside of work too as a keen runner, whilst also taking the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful UK countryside!  

We hope you will join us in warmly welcoming Diane, Sharon and Chris to the Webroster team!

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