Workforce management software GDPR compliance

Version 4.0.0: Helping you achieve GDPR compliance and improvements to save you time

Helping you achieve GDPR compliance and improvements to save you time Introducing features to help your organisation on its journey to becoming GDPR compliant, version 4.0.0 will be released on Tuesday 24 April 2018. In addition, version 4.0.0 will include a transformation to the Client and Staff Portals and significant updates to Alert Manager. As a result of our launching version 4.0.0, all services (including third partyRead more

Mobile working

Bee for Android and iPhone: Introducing Version 3.5.0

INTRODUCING THE LATEST VERSION OF BEE We are constantly developing our app, Bee, based on your feedback and to make sure we’re utilising new technology. That is why on Tuesday 24 April 2018 we are due to release Bee version 3.5.0, which includes improvements to the usability and functionality of the app, including: A new menu: Version 3.5.0 of Bee introduces a new way to navigate around the app with aRead more

Pilot Optimiser - automatic rostering

Version 3.9.0

 Version 3.9.0 Your opportunity to pilot Optimiser, our exciting new automatic rostering tool We are delighted to be releasing version 3.9.0 on Wednesday 7 February 2018. This latest release will provide you with the opportunity to pilot Optimiser – our innovative, automatic rostering module. Version 3.9.0 will also include: general bug fixes to, and new features to our Provider module Optimiser Optimiser has been in development sinceRead more
Store files securely with the new Document Manager

Introducing the new Document Manager

Introducing the new Document Manager version 3.8.0 brought new and improved features and functionality to our software. As a result, we were able to completely revamp Document Manager, our module that allows you to store documents securely within The revamp has made Document Manager more intuitive and easy-to-use whilst also introducing a new user interface, which ensures consistency with the rest of To celebrate these improvements,Read more

Updates to our workforce management app, Bee

Bee 3.0.0

Bee for iPhone and Android: Introducing version 3.0.0 Earlier this year we released Bee for iPhone version 1.3.0 and Bee for Android version 2.6.1. Following on from then, we have been working hard to take on your feedback and make further improvements to the app for both iOS and Android. As a result we are delighted to announce we are releasing version 3.0.0 of Bee for both iPhone andRead more

Workforce management software update

Version 3.8.0 Release

Version 3.8.0 Introducing Daily, our new and improved Interactive Staff Planner We are happy to announce version 3.8.0 is due to be released on 22 November 2017 at 6am. With the release introducing the brand new Daily screen, which makes staff planning more visual and efficient, version 3.8.0 is our early Christmas present to you, our valued customers. Version 3.8.0 will include: The new Daily planner screen; the firstRead more

Improvements to Alert Manager

Version 3.7.5: Further improving and Alert Manager

Version 3.7.5 Further improving and Alert Manager Version 3.7.5 has been developed in response to your feedback and suggestions. Back in July 2017 we released version 3.7.0 of, which brought exciting new updates to the usability and functionality of the system and its key modules – particularly Alert Manager. Since then, we’ve been working hard to take on board your feedback and make the improvements you feelRead more

New features

Introducing version 3.7.0

Introducing version 3.7.0 Version 3.7.0 is an exciting new release coming to in July 2017. Version 3.7.0 aims to improve usability, bring new functionality and update key modules including alert manager, Bee and Optimiser – along with the main rostering function of itself. After numerous consultations and focus groups, we gathered together feedback directly from customers that use every day – allowing us to makeRead more

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