What to consider when implementing a BYOD scheme

What to consider when implementing a BYOD scheme

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is a concept that allows employees to use their own devices for work; this may allow them to work more flexibly and is known to improve productivity while reducing business costs. As a commonly accepted business practice, it looks like BYOD is here to stay and many businesses are now considering a BYOD strategy. But what are the main considerations for companies who areRead more

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Getting ready for Rio: a massive staff scheduling challenge

As the eyes of the world turn to Brazil for the 2016 Summer Olympics, the organisers have been preparing for years in advance. With over 10,500 athletes arriving from over 206 countries the task of organising accommodation, facilities and staffing is huge. Can you imagine having to roster 45,000 volunteers, 85,000 outsourced staff and 6,500 employees? Using an online system such as Webroster.net streamlines the rostering process. Available staffRead more

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Hear about how we are revolutionising home care at Health+Care 2016

Not only will our expert team be at the Health+Care show on 29th and 30th June at Excel London, but our very own Rodrigo Pinheiro is doing a talk in the ‘Sustainable Business’ theatre! Rodrigo will be exploring how care providers are about to benefit from ground-breaking academic research. He will introduce our two-year research project with The University of Nottingham and explain how Webroster’s pioneering new technology is aboutRead more

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An interview with a Bee user

  Julie Trigg is a support worker at Crossroads Care Forest of Dean and Herefordshire. As a self-confessed ‘non-techie’, we were interested to hear about her use of our Bee app… How long have you been using Bee for?  Just over a year. What does a typical day involve? I am a support worker so I visit between six and 20 clients each day in their own homes. IRead more

Happy Birthday VOIPTrac™!

Webroster’s Electronic Call Monitoring solution, VOIPTrac™ is celebrating its 10th birthday this year. Still going strong, it has evolved over the years from being known as ‘Sentinel’ in the pre-VoIP days, to a VoIP or ‘voice over internet protocol’ solution as we know it today. VoIP itself didn’t exist commercially when the product was first launched. The system used ISDN lines connected to a Sentinel ‘box’. Voice over IPRead more

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Why do field staff love Bee?

Our Bee app gives field staff all the information they need to do their job, at the touch of a button. But what do our real Bee users think of the app? We asked a group of field based care staff and they told us they love Bee because… They can see where they are supposed to be at what time Bee is simple to navigate and looks goodRead more

Demystifying the cloud

Software purchase tips: Taking a different view

Software is a long term commitment not a one off purchase When you invest in new software for your business choosing the right product is only the start. Choosing a solution that will have a big impact on the way you run your business day to day requires a clear understanding of your requirements and in-depth research into your options. Furthermore, getting your team to buy into your softwareRead more

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Recipe for happy staff

Delivering a high standard of customer service often depends on retaining the best staff and of course having happy staff. Keeping staff motivated and engaged is key. We all love a cake with our morning coffee so here is our recipe for retaining good field based staff with our ‘happy cakes’! Ingredients: Online rostering system – 110g (4oz) Well training and motivated roster manager x 1 (or more if required)Read more

10 at 10: Ten great reasons to use VOIPTrac™ ECM

Webroster’s ECM system VOIPTrac™ celebrated its 10th birthday earlier this year. VOIPTrac™ is an electronic call monitoring (ECM) system designed to feed real-time information into your rostering and staff scheduling system. VOIPTrac™ uses a land line phone at the client location for the staff member to check in and out of a booking. There is no cost to the client and real time check in and out information isRead more


6 questions to ask when considering employee scheduling software

Whether you’re a large or small company, any business with field based workers will benefit from employee scheduling software. Managing a few or several hundred employees can bring major headaches. However, employee scheduling software will streamline your workflows and reduce paperwork and administrative tasks. Specifically, what will a software system help your business achieve? Here are 6 questions to ask when considering employee scheduling software: Could you be managingRead more

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