Is Estonia pointing the way to our future healthcare system?

When we think of digitising data, and health data in particular, it conjures up concerns about privacy and the state having too much control – yet for citizens of Estonia it actually means more control for the patient. Estonia, a country in northern Europe bordering the Baltic Sea and Finland, and with a population of less than 1.5 million, wouldn’t be your first bet in a game of “Which country hasRead more

How do we begin sealing the cracks in a fragmented healthcare system?

The new health secretary had barely got his feet under his desk when he was petitioned with pleas to create a holistic strategy to health and care. It might have appeared a tad impatient, but the rallying cries from the likes of the NHS Confederation to ‘grasp the social care challenge’ are crucial if we are to enact any sort of change in our health system. The difficulty isRead more

The people behind Webroster

With over 30 professionals working at Webroster, each of them offers their own unique expertise and knowledge. Together, that helps us champion customers’ businesses and develop pioneering software, which in turn makes a real difference to how hundreds of thousands of hours of care are rostered every day. In 2017, our team grew and welcomed many new people and in the same 12 months, we celebrated several milestones forRead more

What is a web-based software update and why is it so important?

We’re all familiar with the message popping up on our smartphones asking us to update our operating systems. Many of us opt to manually update software installed on our devices as and when we want to. Yet with web-based software, things work a little differently; updates are automatically applied – appearing when you next log in. What is web-based software? Web-based software is software (also often referred to asRead more

Personalised home care: How can improved workforce management help?

Providing home care that is tailored towards each client and their unique needs is an inherent challenge for providers. Especially when it needs to be balanced with the needs of your workforce and the demands of cost management. However, workforce management and personalised home care can go hand in hand, with improved profitability often a concurrent result. And the solution can lie in technology. The demands of personalised careRead more

5 questions you may not have thought to ask software providers

Whether it’s customer relationship management software or rota optimising software, there are a number of questions you should be putting forward to the provider to help you understand whether it’s the right solution for your organisation. You want to make sure you understand whether the software will meet your requirements and, ultimately, offer the results you want – whether that’s in saving your team valuable time or enhancing theRead more

What to consider when implementing a BYOD scheme

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is a concept that allows employees to use their own devices for work; this may allow them to work more flexibly and is known to improve productivity while reducing business costs. As a commonly accepted business practice, it looks like BYOD is here to stay and many businesses are now considering a BYOD strategy. But what are the main considerations for companies who areRead more

Getting ready for Rio: a massive staff scheduling challenge

As the eyes of the world turn to Brazil for the 2016 Summer Olympics, the organisers have been preparing for years in advance. With over 10,500 athletes arriving from over 206 countries the task of organising accommodation, facilities and staffing is huge. Can you imagine having to roster 45,000 volunteers, 85,000 outsourced staff and 6,500 employees? Using an online system such as streamlines the rostering process. Available staffRead more

Our KTP Journey

The Problem Back in 2012 we identified that the UK homecare market was not currently benefiting from any form of automated and optimised rostering software. This could be something to help care providers cope with the increasing pressures they are faced with. Home care providers are constantly required to juggle client care with business. This means that often, someone misses out and the result is that either clients receiveRead more

Hear about how we are revolutionising home care at Health+Care 2016

Not only will our expert team be at the Health+Care show on 29th and 30th June at Excel London, but our very own Rodrigo Pinheiro is doing a talk in the ‘Sustainable Business’ theatre! Rodrigo will be exploring how care providers are about to benefit from ground-breaking academic research. He will introduce our two-year research project with The University of Nottingham and explain how Webroster’s pioneering new technology is aboutRead more

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