5 steps to make the most of technology in your home care business

The home care business is changing fast, with technologies appearing on the horizon all the time offering incredible promise. It’s truly exciting, but there are a whole host of tools at your disposal right now if used correctly. We look at five ways to make the most of the technology at your fingertips right now. Technology always promises to “revolutionise” our lives and the health and social care sectorRead more

Webroster.net is proud to announce

Dr. Rodrigo Pinheiro, Head of Data Science will be speaking at the upcoming Health Plus Care Show at ExCel London 26- 27 June 2019 Session title: Taking the Care Industry to the Next Level: How Data Science Can Help Companies Achieve Greatness Theatre: Business & Innovation Theatre Date: 26 June 2019 Time: 1:05pm – 1:35pm Rodrigo successfully spearheaded the delivery of many innovative products utilising machine learning, data scienceRead more

Tools care providers and professionals can use to boost productivity and save time

These tools are built into Webroster.net to boost productivity and save you time   Webroster.net can save you a lot of time and hassle when it comes to rostering staff schedules. But did you know there a whole range of resources designed to make you even more efficient?  Webroster is great for rostering. There we said it. We thought it was so good, we even put roster in ourRead more

How to effectively manage your time for home care

The challenge of time management is ubiquitous. It applies to all job roles and also in our home lives, so you’d think we’d be pretty good at it. The truth is, you probably already do a good job, but it doesn’t feel that way – so here are some extra tips to help you out.  Write stuff down Whether or not you’re a “list person” doesn’t really matter. The important thing is theRead more


Collaborative care: how technology can join the gaps in care 

Collaboration in care is easier said than done, but patients should not be negatively affected by geographical barriers or gaps in communication between providers. Technology is helping us to remove the barriers and plug those gaps.  Collaboration can be an overused term in the press, by industry leaders or in blogs like this one. It’s probably because you can’t have too much collaboration, but it’s also an easy default call to action when an industry or sector is facing challenges ranging fromRead more

Sending data securely

Is Estonia pointing the way to our future healthcare system?

When we think of digitising data, and health data in particular, it conjures up concerns about privacy and the state having too much control – yet for citizens of Estonia it actually means more control for the patient. Estonia, a country in northern Europe bordering the Baltic Sea and Finland, and with a population of less than 1.5 million, wouldn’t be your first bet in a game of “Which country hasRead more

Embrace technology to improve healthcare

How do we begin sealing the cracks in a fragmented healthcare system?

The new health secretary had barely got his feet under his desk when he was petitioned with pleas to create a holistic strategy to health and care. It might have appeared a tad impatient, but the rallying cries from the likes of the NHS Confederation to ‘grasp the social care challenge’ are crucial if we are to enact any sort of change in our health system. The difficulty isRead more

New Webroster.net features

What is a web-based software update and why is it so important?

We’re all familiar with the message popping up on our smartphones asking us to update our operating systems. Many of us opt to manually update software installed on our devices as and when we want to. Yet with web-based software, things work a little differently; updates are automatically applied – appearing when you next log in. What is web-based software? Web-based software is software (also often referred to asRead more

Personalised home care

Personalised home care: How can improved workforce management help?

Providing home care that is tailored towards each client and their unique needs is an inherent challenge for providers. Especially when it needs to be balanced with the needs of your workforce and the demands of cost management. However, workforce management and personalised home care can go hand in hand, with improved profitability often a concurrent result. And the solution can lie in technology. The demands of personalised careRead more

Questions to ask software providers

Five questions you may not have thought to ask software providers

Five Questions To Ask Software Providers Whether it’s customer relationship management software or rota optimising software, there are a number of questions you should be putting forward to the provider to help you understand whether it’s the right solution for your organisation. You want to make sure you understand whether the software will meet your requirements and, ultimately, offer the results you want – whether that’s in saving yourRead more

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