Webroster.net brings company-wide benefits to Aster Living

Rostering software for Aster Living

“When we do use the Customer Support desk the team have been fantastic, we would most definitely recommend it”.

Luke Cox, Business Systems Analyst Supervisor

Aster Living, part of the Aster Group, provide services to people who live in the community. Services include supported and sheltered housing, extra care schemes, domiciliary care, handy person and home improvement agency and assistive living services. Aster Living operate a variety of services across southwest England for people who are older, people with mental ill health, people with learning disabilities, young people and people needing safety from domestic violence.

Aster Living started using Webroster.net following a review of IT systems, the aim was to link a number of systems together to streamline their business processes. Webroster.net is used to roster visits for its extra care scheme, utilising the staff rostering, invoicing and payroll functionality of the system. The Webroster team have built up a close working relationship with Aster Living, working with a number of departments to deliver a bespoke solution.Aster Living Carer 2

Improved management reporting

One of the biggest benefits Webroster.net has brought to Aster Living has been the management reporting. Having all the information they need in one place has meant they are able to create more meaningful reports. Quality Assurance information is now available easily and quickly cutting down significantly on administration time. Aster Living use the Audit module to track who has made changes within the system and when. This feature has proven to be especially useful for highlighting staff training needs and cutting down on errors.

Finance Manager Pauline Wilding explains, “Managers in our regional branches see the benefits of the system as soon as they receive training and start to use it. They suddenly realise they will no longer have to spend time filling in spreadsheets and it’s a revelation! The best thing about it is that we now have all the information we need in one place and have more control over what’s going on”.

Aster Living use a central system known as the ‘Hub’ to manage charging for services, prior to using Webroster.net charging for care was a manual process. Using the Webroster.net Web Services facility Aster Living have been able to automate the process, putting one set of information into the Hub which is automatically updated in Webroster.net, making a it a live process from start to finish.Aster Living carer

Time Savings

“Using Webroster.net has halved the amount of time required to bring a new customer into the system. Previously one person was employed full-time to administer a manual process.” Explains Luke Cox, Business Systems Analyst Supervisor. Luke is responsible for managing a number of systems in the business and goes on to say; “From an IT perspective Webroster.net is very easy to look after, we rarely have any issues. When we do use the Customer Support desk the team have been fantastic, we would most definitely recommend it”.

The efficiencies that the Webroster.net system has brought to the business have enabled Aster Living to differentiate themselves in the market. By having robust systems and processes in place they are able to focus on ensuring the customer is always at the heart of what they do.


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