The You Trust benefit from flexible online rostering

Flexible online rostering for The You Trust

You Trust Webroster online rosteringThe You Trust benefit from the flexibility of online rostering to help deliver a wide range of services built around the needs of the individual.

The You Trust (YOU) provides people with the help they need to realise their dreams of independence, security, stability, happiness and freedom.They help people in their communities who need care, support and advice due to poverty, homelessness, disability, age, ill health or abuse to have the life they want. YOU have been working with for over three years and during that time have implemented the online rostering software into many areas of their business.

Using, office based teams roster staff working in the community to their shifts, the system enables them to select staff based on previous visits to a client, location or availability. With quality of service delivery at the heart of their work, helps YOU deliver their aim of providing services built around the needs of the individual. Enabling them to roster staff based on continuity of care for example, helps them achieve this objective.

Staff are emailed their weekly rota or can view it online using the Staff portal. This has cut out paper-based rostering completely and given the management team improved reporting and management tools. The projects that YOU manage can vary from working with people with learning difficulties, homelessness or domestic abuse, the needs of each project can therefore be quite different in terms of managing staff.

As Head of People, Jane Cracknell explains “We have been very pleased with, adaptability is key for us and the flexibility of the

Jane Cracknell, Head of People and Nicola Youern, Chief Excecutive at You Trust
Jane Cracknell, Head of People and Nicola Youern, Chief Excecutive at You Trust

system has meant the various project leaders using the system have it set up in slightly different ways to cater for the individual needs their projects.”

It is not only YOU staff that benefit from online availability of their rosters, clients can log in to the secure ‘Client Portal’ and see which staff member they will be seeing that day.

“Our clients and their families often use the Client Portal, they like to know who to expect in advance and it gives them peace of mind. We’ve also noticed that it has cut down on calls to the office, clients no longer have to ring in to find out who is going to be coming to see them”. Says Jane. is used to ensure that staff are being utilised in the most efficient way and spending as little time as possible travelling between appointments.

“Operating at a time where hourly rates are being squeezed by Local Authority funding cuts has been challenging” explains Jane Cracknell. “As a result, rota management and planning travel time is more important than ever.”

Easy to use Bee app

YOU are using the Webroster Bee app for their ‘Premier Crew’ team and specifically for their bank list of sessional workers. This team works in the community and use the app to see their daily and weekly rosters on their mobile phone.Using the Bee app alongside means that double bookings and missed calls are a thing of the past. Workers can be instantly notified of any changes or updates to their rosters and can quickly notify the office if they are unavailable to work. Workers are sent a booking request and can accept or reject it using the app. Consequently, phone calls to the office are significantly reduced and staff no longer have to visit the office to exchange paperwork freeing them up to spend more time with service users.

Karen Bailey, People Systems Partner:
“Feedback from our staff and workers indicates that they find the app very easy to use and like having all the information they need for their weekly schedule easily available to them”.

YOU were an early adopter of mobile technology for their staff and workers, quickly seeing the benefits of staff not having to go into the office to exchange paperwork as well as having instant access to their schedules. YOU have a wide mix of mobile phone makes and models in their business, some staff are provided with a company phone and workers use a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) set up. The Webroster Bee app can be used on a wide range of Android phones and soon as the iPhone version was launched they took full advantage of that too and are keen to get as many staff and workers as possible using the app.

“ and Bee have reduced paperwork in the business to almost zero, rostering for Premier Crew used to involved piles of folders now it’s down to one scribble pad!”. Says Karen.

Reducing paperwork, eliminating rostering errors and improving communications with staff and workers have been key benefits of using for YOU. The flexibility of the system has meant that it can be adapted to meet their ever changing business needs making it a truly ‘future proof’ system.

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