A real time-saver: streamlining the payroll process

Streamlining payroll

front16Wymondley Nursing and Residential Care Home is located in the North Hertfordshire village of Little Wymondley, providing nursing and residential care for up to fifty-nine residents.

Family owned and run, great pride is taken in offering high standards of care to residents. Much of the success of Wymondley is attributed to the commitment of the over one hundred staff members, many of whom have been employed since the home was opened in 1990.

Yet director Tom Kelsall recognised a key issue in the payroll processes at Wymondley: two staff members were spending up to a week per month preparing the payroll.

The management team, however, was keen to ensure that whilst processes were more streamlined
behind the scenes
everything would remain consistent for staff, in terms of how their pay slip and roster information was presented.

Tom Kelsall recognised that Webroster.net had the potential to resolve these issues.

shadedpatio18For care homes, Webroster.net can be used to roster staff shifts, generate time sheets and process payroll. Resident’s care can be scheduled and viewed securely within the online application.

Working closely with the Webroster account management team, an export file from Webroster.net was developed. The file feeds directly into the payroll system and, as a result, staff pay slips retain their original format but the process of creating them is much more efficient.

“The payroll process that used to take us a week per month now takes just one day” explains Tom Kelsall, “this represents a significant cost saving and reflects the flexibility of the Webroster.net system and the dedication of the Webroster team to provide a solution that meets our needs exactly”.

In addition to the new payroll process a bespoke report was developed to produce a print out of the staff roster to mirror the format it had always been presented in.

“I would definitely recommend Webroster.net, the product itself is easy to use and the flexibility of the system means we can adapt it to meet our needs,” explains Tom Kelsall.

If you would like to find out more about how Webroster.net could help streamline your payroll processes, get in touch with us today.

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