Prestige Nursing + Care reap the benefits of long term partnership

“The team at Webroster really listen to our requirements and over the last twelve years have proven to be very responsive.”
Diane Jared, Finance Director

Prestige logoPrestige Nursing + Care is a family business dedicated to providing care for people in their own homes across the UK since 1945.  The company provides services from basic care at home to specialist homecare for a wide range of clients of all ages.  From rigorous recruitment and vetting through to ongoing training and service reviews Prestige Nursing + Care focuses on quality of care.  They pride themselves on being one of the only domiciliary care providers to offer a money back guarantee for clients.  Prestige Nursing + Care employ over 200 people across a mixture of 45 company owned and franchised sites, they have now also strengthened their presence in Scotland following the purchase of Elite Care.

Flexible rostering

Regularly delivering over 40,000 hours of care per week, Prestige Nursing + Care now have over 3,000 nurses and care workers registered with them. The sheer volume of staff, variety of services and differing rates of pay has meant that they require a flexible rostering and invoicing system robust enough to cope with this.  They have been working with Webroster Ltd for over twelve years and have seen that the system has the flexibility to manage the many legislative changes to the way NHS, council and private providers all work. Picture1

Increasing efficiency

“The Roster Mapping module is a brilliant feature, it’s helped to increase the efficiency of our rostering and removed many manual processes from our business.” explains Operations Manager, Liz Steyn.  Roster Mapping integrates Google Maps into to enable staff and client locations to be shown on a map giving an overall picture of staff and client whereabouts.  This enables geographic location to be factored in when booking uncovered requirements. “The new features added in the latest version, including the map icon on the roster, are really fantastic, we’re encouraging all our branches to fully utilise all the features.”

Homecare now accounts for more than two thirds of business and as the company has grown online rostering has brought  many benefits and allowed them to move away from manual processes.  Over time  Prestige Nursing + Care have added modules to their system and are now rolling out the Travel and Roster Mapping modules to all their branches.

Prestige Nursing + Care use the Travel module at head office level to help ensure they are compliant with National Minimum Wage requirements.  They use the Audit module to track changes made to their database.  Previously the IT manager would have to go through the database, searching for who had made changes and when.  With the Audit module it is now much easier and quicker to resolve queries about changes made to rosters, timesheets and bookings.  The ‘History’ button provides instant access to a detailed screen log of the changes made to records on screens where the History button appears. Authorised users of the Audit module can immediately see the information they need without leaving the screen they are on.Picture4

Quality of care

Operations Manager Liz Steyn has been with Prestige Nursing + Care since 2007 and has been responsible for implementing ECM (Electronic Call Monitoring) across all branches.  “ECM helps guarantee the quality of care that is at the heart of our business” explains Liz.  “Using the VOIPTrac™ module staff can log in and out of a call using the client’s landline.  The information is sent back to the database in real time enabling us to check that calls have taken place as scheduled”.  Not only does VOIPTrac™ confirm staff whereabouts and provide proof of service delivery, it has the additional benefit of ensuring safety for staff and clients.

Finance Director Diane Jared explains how the Webroster development team have worked closely with Prestige Nursing + Care to create and set-up bespoke functionality such as for credit notes.  “It is this close working relationship that sets Webroster apart from other suppliers.   The team at Webroster really listen to our requirements and over the last twelve years have proven to be very responsive.”