Future Home Care Uses Webroster.net and VOIPTrac™ to make savings

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Future Home Care Founded in 2004 to provide home-based support services to people with learning disabilities, Future Home Care is saving significant amounts of time and money by using online staff management system Webroster.net.

Switching from a manual to electronic approach to staff rostering and timesheets in 2005, the Birmingham-based company now operates 57 Webroster.net user licences and uses the company’s VOIPTrac™ call monitoring system to manage its 996 support workers.

Future Home Care’s Director of Operations, Shirley Harris, says the benefits for both the company and its 200-plus clients are clear for all to see.

She said: “Using Webroster.net allows our managers to spend more time managing the services and less time doing administrative tasks such as verifying timesheets. Since using Webroster.net we have saved eight hours per day and more than £36,000 per year.”

Future Home Care aims to deliver high quality support which encourages service users to remain as independent as possible. This may include housing, support, education, leisure, health and well being activities and much more.

Before 2004 the company used paper timesheets and manually rostered its support workers to service users, but the process soon became inefficient as the company expanded. That’s when it started looking for more effective ways to improve staff and service user safety, while providing the highest quality service possible.

Webroster.net is currently used by Future Home Care for rostering, timesheets, monitoring and alerting.

The VOIPTrac™ monitoring system has also brought many benefits in terms of time saving and staff management.

Support workers use VOIPTrac™ on a daily basis to check in and out of visits. This enables managers to get ‘real time’ information as and when it happens and proactively respond to any late arrivals thanks to the alerting system.

It is also used to give managers increased control by pinpointing exactly where support workers are.

Future Home Care chose Webroster.net and VOIPTrac™ to manage back end processes as well as rostering.

One requirement was for the system to link to payroll so that support workers could be paid for the exact amount of time they had worked.

The company uses VOIPTrac™ to automatically verify staff timesheets, with this data then used to run payroll from Webroster.net.

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