Carers Trust Cambridgeshire uses Webroster to build a streamlined business

carers-trust-cambridgeshireCarers Trust Cambridgeshire is a charity that provides a wide range of services for carers and care users. Since implementing Webroster in 2009 they have seen noticeable improved efficiencies and have been able to increase client control.

Carers Trust Cambridgeshire is an amalgamation of five Crossroads Care schemes which merged over time. After the forth merger, they decided to replace their less flexible system with Webroster in order to meet their objectives of embracing technology to increase client control in line with personalisation.

Since doing so, the scheme has experienced significant time and cost savings, helping their day to day operations to become far more slick.

Business Development Manager, Emma Pearson said: “We no longer print and post worksheets and timesheets which has helped to save resources and is in line with our environmental policy to use less paper! Our Care Support Workers use the Staff Portal and the Webroster Mobile app to get the information they need, when they need it. Therefore, our Care Co-ordinators are more efficient and productive as they are not constantly interrupted by phone calls from Carers; both parties can work independently to get their jobs done.”

“Webroster’s flexibility and intuitiveness makes our day to day operations a lot easier; it’s great that Webroster can be used on any computer so we don’t have to be tied to one office or desk. We regularly use the Booking Enquiries facility to send booking requests to care staff; the co-ordinators love it as it makes their job so much easier” continued Emma.

The scheme also enjoys improved management of information in real time. They use Webroster’s Webroster Mobile app to automatically verify timesheets; this gives greater visibility of staff and clients whilst allowing them to get accurate information quickly.

“Previously timesheets would be processed six weeks after they happened, by which time the information was out of date and it was more difficult  to rectify any issues. Now we can be proactive by resolving issues even before they occur and we can see if we are likely to go over budget for a certain project or grant” said Emma.

Webroster helps the scheme to achieve their ongoing goal of empowering client independence by giving them more control. Emma continues: “Our clients are starting to use Webroster’s Client Portals to get their own care information which is great to see. We still have a way to go until all our clients are confident using them as this is a big change for a lot of our clients.

“Ultimately, we want the scheme to become entirely automatic with staff and clients getting the information they need from Webroster themselves. We have already made a start in reducing the reliance on Care Co-ordinators so we will continue to use technology to take this further.”