CRG uses Webroster for around the clock workforce management

Castlerock Recruitment GroupCastlerock Recruitment Group Ltd (CRG) is an experienced and trusted provider of domiciliary care, supported living and continuing healthcare to adults, the elderly, children and young people within their own homes and in the wider community.Maintaining an internal staffing structure of approximately 110 employees across 13 branch locations in the UK, with an average workforce of approximately 2,500 temporary workers, CRG is the perfect beneficiary for, as Phillip Harrison, the company’s administrator explains.

“As a 24/7 service across multiple locations, we identified the need for a system that offered a hub for shared information, that was secure, accessible outside of the office and around the clock. We decided to try the system over a decade ago, stepping away from the manual generation of invoices and payroll, which was repetitive, time consuming and prone to human error, in favour of the online-based system, offering more data security while also saving the business time and money.

Dealing with councils and other similar bodies, means that paper based rostering and HR could potentially take up huge chunks of our time and there’s always the underlying issues of data security and protecting against files in the event of a fire or a similar occurrence. The basic package provides CRG with the file security we require, with the added advantage of enabling our users’ remote access to our database from their home or via a smart phone.

Our system also provides multiple scheduling and automatically generated timesheets, invoices, payroll and payments, almost eliminating the need for pen and paper altogether!” In addition to the basic rostering system package,, companies can opt for additional modules to tailor the system to suit its business needs. These include real time alerts, audits, document management, mapping, SMS, travel plans, supplier info and editable staff and client portals.

Phillip continues: “For us, three of the add-ons have provided CRG with significant savings and improved communication between staff, without over-complication. Electronic Call Monitoring reduces time spent on processing timesheets and sends invoices by email, which means no stamps, printing or visits to the post-box and once again maximises content security.

“The travel system also calculates mileage and generates route plans, minimising the risk of human error. By using SMS we can send out mass texts and bookings, which staff can reply to conveniently by text message on the move. Alternatively, we can also book staff according to their proximity to the job, cutting mileage costs.”

Webroster was introduced to CRG by the company’s CEO, Ian Munro, who had used the system in a previous role. The familiarity, guaranteed performance and stability were the ultimate selling points for both Ian and CRG and the reason we chose eSentinal (Webroster’s prequel system) 12 years ago and remained with the system ever since.