Augusta Care use to become paperless!

Founded in 1998, Augusta Care provides supported living services to 39 clients in the Peterborough area. The company started using Webroster in May 2013 and within just a few months, they became completely paperless.

Augusta Care uses to manage staff and ensure that their clients receive the right services and at the right place and time. With 92 staff to manage, this is no mean feat!

Following some initial scepticism from managers who have been using paper based systems for years and    others who have had bad experiences with other rostering systems, Augusta Care now successfully uses for all its rostering needs. The company implemented and soon after, removed    their manual rostering process.

Agency Manager, Laura Lloyd said: “At first I struggled with the lack of physical papers, I have spent 10 years using stacks of printed roster sheets and trying to piece together rosters manually, so moving to an online system was a big change.”

But she soon learned that it was a change for the better. “We have saved no end of time and money since using; quality and accuracy have improved and our stress levels have reduced considerably! The amount of paper we have cut back on goes a long way to helping us fulfil our environmental policy too.”

“I used to spend 30 hours a week just doing the rosters,   I would sit there surrounded by pieces of paper trying to work out the best solution, then I would text, email or call staff and clients to make the arrangements. Now I spend just a few hours a week on rostering which means I can be much more productive and work on other things, which is what I’m here to do.” Said Laura.

In addition to saving time, using has made the whole rostering process easier and more accurate. “Being able to quickly see an overview of our uncovered requirements and staff availability is really useful and makes my job so much easier. I used to spend time phoning around staff members to try and cover last minute changes – now there is no need for that! Also, Webroster doesn’t let you double book staff members, which is a great peace of mind to us.” Laura continued.

It is not just the creation of the rosters which has become quicker and easier, but the distribution too. “Before we used Webroster, we used to print and post 14 sheets of rosters to 80 field staff every two weeks (that’s 29,120 pieces of paper, 2,080 envelopes and £977.60 in postage per year!) The cost of this was extortionate, not to mention the admin time we spent in printing, folding, addressing and franking each set of rosters. That entire process is now obsolete – our poor franking machine is feeling very unloved!” Continued Laura.

Now, staff access their own up to date rosters online using’s Staff Portals which lets them view their rosters and add availability themselves. This has streamlined communications within the company by reducing the quantity of phone calls in and out the office during the day. In the future, Augusta Care will be using the Client Portals to give their service users access to their own rosters in a similar way.

Laura and her team have experienced first hand the benefits of using a web based rostering system. She does not class herself as ‘technical’ in any way and was sceptical as to what benefits would bring over doing the job manually, but she has confessed… she is converted!

In the future, Augusta Care aims to manage as many of its business processes as possible from one system. They will soon be transferring their invoice and payroll processes into and will also start to use electronic call monitoring for automatic timesheet verification.