Working from the cloud

We were intrigued by this story of a French businessman who managed to operate his business for 40 days from a desert island in the Indonesian archipelago!

The Guardian reported: On 8 October, [Gauthier Toulemonde] left his home in Lille with four towel-sized solar panels, a windmill, a laptop computer, a tablet computer and two satellite phones.

Toulemonde, who had a budget of €10,000 (£8,300) for the adventure, including €20 a day for internet, said he wanted to be the world’s first “Web Robinson”.

“I wanted to show how with solar energy and new technology, we can live differently and work from far away cutting out all the time lost in commuting.” He said.

He added, that the adventure was no holiday: “I had a business to run, and had to deal with suppliers, banks, clients. The aim was to show I could do this on my own from far away.”

His company Timbopresse was able to publish two editions of Stamps Magazine, to the same deadlines and with the same content. Toulemonde did admit that he struggled with the lack of human contact: “Doing everything virtually has its limits, working from a distance is certainly doable, and with the internet and Skype you are never alone. But I’d say 40 days is about the limit!”

Although spending 40 days on a secluded island may not be desirable to many people, the point is that it really is possible to operate as normal and run a productive business from a virtual environment thanks to cloud based applications.

With so many services operating in the cloud, more and more people are benefitting from virtual or remote working. Cloud based software systems, document storage and communications methods mean that all the information and data that many businesses need in order to operate, can be accessed remotely. This is turn could change the way we do business; why be restricted to 9-5 or to the confines of one office or even one country?

Now that’s another blog post…