Wispay Payroll Real Time Information submissions exceed industry average


Webroster’s payroll software Wispay has again exceeded the industry average for Real Time Information (RTI) submissions to HMRC, according to a report from the Government Agency.¬†Wispay Payroll exceeds industry average

HM Revenue and Customs require a Real Time Information feed to be sent to them every time employees are paid.

The major feed is known as a Full Payment Submission. Over the first financial quarter of 2015, Wispay achieved a 99.78% success rate. The industry average was 98.26%.

A secondary but important feed is the Employer Payment Summary, which tells HMRC the total Maternity and Paternity Pay paid out and Employment Allowance claimed. Wispay achieved a 99.20% success rate here, compared to the industry average of 95.78%.

The final feed is for corrections to previous years (the Earlier Year Update). Here Wispay achieved a 100% success rate! The industry as a whole only managed 93.29%.

Submission failures cause extra work for payroll staff and penalties can be issued to companies that fail to provide information within the correct timescales. ¬†Webroster is committed to making our customers’ lives easier with Wispay Payroll; a flexible and all-encompassing payroll solution.

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