Wispay Payroll Real Time Information submissions exceed industry average

Webroster’s payroll software Wispay has again exceeded the industry average for Real Time Information (RTI) submissions to HMRC, according to a report from the Government Agency. Wispay Payroll exceeds industry average

HM Revenue and Customs require a Real Time Information feed to be sent to them every time employees are paid.

The major feed is known as a Full Payment Submission. Over the first financial quarter of 2015, Wispay achieved a 99.78% success rate. The industry average was 98.26%.

A secondary but important feed is the Employer Payment Summary, which tells HMRC the total Maternity and Paternity Pay paid out and Employment Allowance claimed. Wispay achieved a 99.20% success rate here, compared to the industry average of 95.78%.

The final feed is for corrections to previous years (the Earlier Year Update). Here Wispay achieved a 100% success rate! The industry as a whole only managed 93.29%.

Submission failures cause extra work for payroll staff and penalties can be issued to companies that fail to provide information within the correct timescales.  Webroster is committed to making our customers’ lives easier with Wispay Payroll; a flexible and all-encompassing payroll solution.