Why we're caught up in the web

Here at webroster.net, we’re often harping on about web based working, the cloud, portals, online data storage etc, but why is the web really so important to business functionality?

Remote working

The web means that businesses can now trade from wherever they may be in the world. Staff can work from home, from client locations and on the go. Using the internet can even negate the need for offices, therefore reducing overheads and improving profit margins.

Reduce boundaries

Internet led businesses are able to trade wherever and whenever, knocking down those 9-5 trade boundaries. Websites are now the digital high street, allowing businesses to trade 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Open resource

The web is one of the biggest and most efficient resources any organisation can use; what’s more, it’s open to everyone and anyone. The internet has meant that information about anything and everything is now available at the click of a mouse – and most of the time, it’s free!

New ways of working

The web gives businesses an opportunity to streamline processes and work in a new, highly efficient way. Manual tasks are now automated, drastically reducing man hours and costs, therefore productivity can increase to ultimately effect the bottom line.

The key is to use the internet to help, not hinder; although we all probably feel we are using the web to benefit us, how much do we still rely on manual systems and processes? So why not embrace the net and streamline your business?

If your organisation has benefitted from becoming ‘web savvy’, get in touch below and tell us your story!

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