Why use the cloud?

Many businesses are now using the cloud to manage day to day business processes, but what exactly can a web based system offer an organisation?

Online portals

If all your data is stored securely in the cloud, then why not allow your staff, clients and suppliers to access this data remotely? Online portals can be set up to give each party access to the information they require, whenever they require it!

Document storage and easy access

By storing all your business documents online, relevant staff can access the documents they need without relying on being in the office or traipsing through filing cabinets. Don’t forget to set up permission levels to protect sensitive documents however!

Remote working

When working in the cloud, you don’t have to be tied to your desk. As all the information, data and documents you need can be easily accessed through a web browser, regular or complete remote working is a realistic option.

Real time updates

Information is transferred through the internet in real time, so if changes to data held within your system are made, other users will be immediately aware of it.

Working in the cloud is designed to maximise efficiencies; save time and money. The more business processes which can be streamlined or eliminated through using a web based system, the more efficient your business will be.


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