Why use Mobile Communications?

The world is going mobile – and Webroster.net is no exception, but what could mobile communications offer to a business? We’ve listed a few irresistible benefits to get you thinking the way we do…

  • Become more efficient – save sacred office time by answering emails from your mobile phone whilst on the train and waiting for meetings etc…
  • Stay in control – manage your field workers by using a mobile call monitoring system so you know exactly where they are, when.
  • Less admin – lets face it, no one likes admin! So automatically send booking enquiries and roster changes to your staff without having to follow up with phone calls and timesheet changes.
  • Less costs – how much paper and ink do you use when printing worksheets for all your staff? Why not save these costs and let staff view their own roster from their mobile phones?
  • Stay in touch – make use of social and business networking to instantly stay in touch and put the word out about your business.