Why is it important to get involved with your software provider?

Here at Webroster, we hold annual user group meetings for our customers to get together and to hear what we have planned for future releases of our software. This gives people the opportunity to have their say and give us feedback as to what they would find useful and what they would like to be able to do with the software.

Many software providers also hold regular activities to help customers get involved, whether this is a live event, an online discussion board or signing up to receive newsletters. So as a customer, why is this so important?

Have a say

An event such as a User Group meeting is a big opportunity to speak to your provider and tell them what you think of their product. Remember, they invited you, so they want to hear what you have to say. Try to avoid the ‘my comments won’t count for anything’ attitude; they will listen and you never know, that comment you make or question you ask may be the one thing that gets remembered for a long time!


By becoming more involved with your software provider, you will immediately pick up hints and tips, learn new ways of doing things and gain a better understanding of the software. You may hear about a more simple way of doing something, or a new feature that you didn’t previously know about. You will also learn what developments are planned for future releases of the software and have the opportunity to influence this.

Raise concerns

If you have any issues, questions or concerns about the software, now is your chance to raise them. At live events you have a captive audience of people who want to help you, but also your issue or concern could provide vital feedback and affect the future direction of the software.   

Meet the team

It’s very rare that customers get the chance to actually meet and engage with the people behind the product. But by engaging with the company on a more personal level, you may learn a lot more about the product and understand the rationale behind certain developments or functionality.

Meet other customers

Our customers feel that they learn a lot by talking to other Webroster users; they all have at least one thing in common (they use the same software) and quite often are providing similar services themselves. Therefore, they can relate to each other’s businesses and help each other with software questions and queries relating to their industry. 

Remember, you are paying for a service so it’s important you get the most out of it. By engaging with your software provider you will get a lot more out of the product and potentially influence future developments.