What’s new with Webroster.net?

It’s been a few weeks now since the launch of Webroster.net v2.2, so what new features have our customers found most useful?

Service Plan ‘Apply to Roster’ Outcome Button

This is one little button which makes all the difference… The Outcome button appears on each new service plan and gives a visual representation of the proportion of requirements on the service plan were successfully booked in the roster.


Alerts on ‘Extras’; Terminate Staff Contracts

You can now set the staff contract to terminate upon a specific date set up in the ‘Staff Extras’. This is gr tract to automatically terminate when the staff members’ CRB check expires. eat for keeping on top of policies and procedures – for example, you could set the staff con


Find Uncovered Requirements

This screen (loving known in the office as ‘FUR’) has had a makeover and now you can now select multiple uncovered requirements and book them all in one go – we love efficiency!


If you use Weboster.net, let us know what your favourite feature is by commenting below or email info@webroster.net.

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