What are saved searches and why use them?

What are saved searches?

A saved search is a set of criteria which you can build up within your software system to segment records into groups or data sets which are useful to you. These are usually generated by creating your search criteria and saving this so that it can easily be run again at any time.   You can then easily access that particular set of records without inputting all your search criteria again.

So why use saved searches?  

Save time – each time you want to gather a group of records which all meet a certain criteria you can simply select your saved search, without wasting time manually trawling through data or selecting search criteria.

Only work with data that you really need – saved searches help you to segment your records and only work with data that you really need, so you can action a particular task on a certain set of records.

Reduce risk of human error – new records will automatically go straight into your saved search if they meet the relevant criteria, reducing the risk of being accidentally missed.


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