Webroster.net version 2.2 focuses on improved user experience

Webroster.net v2.2 was released to existing users of the system on Monday 25th July. The upgraded version is now compatible with Firefox v3.6 and above as well as Internet Explorer v7 and above, giving the application a wider appeal and making it more accessible for Mac and Linux users.

The new release also includes a host of new features and enhancements to the previous version. Lead Developer, Richard Ward said: “The majority of the v2.2 developments are smaller enhancements which will make a big difference to those who use the system every day. For example, uncovered requirements can now be booked in multiples instead of one at a time and a ‘Summary’ option gives information on what proportion of requirements have been automatically rostered from a new service plan.”

Pocketroster™, the mobile version of Webroster.net, has also been enhanced and will be released over the coming weeks. This now has much improved navigation and the ability to view certain staff and client ‘Extras’ to give field staff access to more detailed information about the client they are visiting.

This all comes ahead of the launch of Webroster Mobile later this year, which is an all-in-one Android application for rostering and electronic call monitoring. Richard continued: “Webroster Mobile revolutionises communication with field staff. Its unique ability to work off-line means that staff can still access any information that has been both securely transmitted and stored to the device.”

Managing Director Nigel Gittins added: “Webroster.net is about saving businesses time and money and making administration processes as efficient as possible. The v2.2 release primarily focuses on helping users to get to the information they need, faster. We have also added some usability features as part of our continued aim to make the system as user friendly as possible.”

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