Webroster.net v2.1.1

This week saw the launch of webroster.net’s latest release, version 2.1.1 which includes some exciting additions to features introduced in v2.1.0, as well as the usual new features and enhancements.

The most significant developments are three new features; Note Types, Overriding Pay Sheets and New Accounts.

Note Types

Note Types is a development to the notes area which allows you to better organise notes that are held against staff, client or customer records. You can now create your own ‘Note Types’ and associate each note to one or more ‘Type’ in order to easily identify them in the future.

Overriding Pay Sheet

You now have the option to create an overriding pay sheet and use that for invoice and payroll instead of the contract pay sheet.

New Accounts

A number of small improvements have been made to store some additional information that might be of use to external accounting applications. These include…

Two additional new fields to the Client order screen; ‘Department’ and ‘Nominal Code’, which can override exported data.

A ‘Nominal Code’ field has been added to the Ratesheets screen within System Setup.

A new screen has been added to the finance area of the system setup that allows a department code to be defined against the webroster.net Areas. This functionality is used to define the department code that should be used when exporting data to SAGE.

Enhancements have also been made to the VTS Extract, making it an even more useful tool for reporting and analysing your database. The Interactive Staff Planner has also received an update so you can now specify whether each booking is confirmed, unconfirmed or requested.

For more information on webroster.net’s latest improvements, please speak to your Account Manager or email info@webroster.net.

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