Webroster.net v2.1.0 is released

The big day has finally arrived; the long awaited Webroster.net v.2.1.0 was released last night with some brand new features as well as the usual enhancements and bug fixes.

But the bit we’re most excited about is the highly unique, all singing, all dancing, Booking Enquiries facility.

Whilst booking a requirement to a staff member, users can now choose to send an ‘enquiry’ message to Staff members, requesting whether they’d like to accept the Booking. This message can be sent to either just one, or multiple staff members; meaning that the first person to ‘accept’ the enquiry is booked to the requirement.

A time frame can be added to the enquiry, so that if a selected staff member doesn’t reply within that time, it is presumed that they don’t want the booking and it can be allocated to someone else.

This feature is specifically useful for those wishing to reduce administration time and workload as well as eliminating errors during rostering. Managers can now ensure that bookings are allocated to appropriate staff members quickly and efficiently, whilst also monitoring trends in who accepts booking and who doesn’t.

Another major enhancement to the system has been the developments to the Messaging Inbox. This existing feature has received a makeover from our design and development teams. With a new user friendly look and feel, the Messaging Inbox is a centralised system for Webroster.net users to communicate with the office, and each other.

Users can access the messaging system by logging into Webroster.net and any new messages will be indicated by an icon on the homepage. The facility has been enhanced to now has the ability to send messages to external email addresses, therefore acting as a complete communications solution.

The Messaging Inbox has been designed to give Webroster.net users access to an email system regardless of what communications channels they already have access to. Managers can be sure that all messages are kept in one place which rules out any risk of loosing messages or messages not being received.

To see the full release notes for Webroster.net v.2.1.0, check out eLearning (http://elearning.webroster.co.uk/login) or email Naomi.gwynne@webroster.net.