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computer science graduateComputer Science graduate Faraha Malik has joined Webroster for a six month placement as part of the Peterborough Graduate Scheme.  Faraha will be working alongside our Software Director Richard Ward and Marketing Manager Naomi Dainty on her own project to re-launch the Webroster.net eLearning website.

1. Tell us about your degree

I completed my BSc in Computing and Information Systems in July this year at University Centre Peterborough, part of Anglia Ruskin University.   I studied topics such as software development in application frameworks, application programming, design for the Internet, software development.  The skills learned from these modules have given me an excellent foundation for building a career as a Software/ Web Developer. I have learned over 12 different programming languages from HTML/CSS, PHP, JQuery, MySQL, JavaScript, Ajax, ASP.NET, Web Services, C#, VBScript, vb.net, and many more.

2. Why did you want to join Webroster?

I was looking for an opportunity to put what I’ve learned on my course into practice in a real world situation. Having completed my degree I’m still open minded about what career I should choose, so this is an amazing opportunity for me to get some commercial experience. I’ve found that Webroster is a very friendly company with a really great focus on customer service.  I’ve been able to settle in quickly and get started on my project with lots of support and help from all the team here.

3. What is eLearning?

eLearning is an online resource only available to Webroster.net customers, giving them access to user manuals and help guides to support their use of Webroster.net web based workforce management software.   The current site contains lots of great information but it’s often hard for users to find, so I’m hoping that I can help to make it an easy to use resource for customers.

4. What are you going to be working on?

Using feedback received from customers about what they’d like to see included on the eLearning website I have been tasked with enhancing the usability of the site and bringing it in line with Webroster branding. I will be focussing on how I can improve the user interface and enable Webroster staff to update it once the initial redevelopment project is finished.  The project will mean that I have to learn operating system Linux and Ruby which is a programming language I’ve never used before so it will be a steep learning curve!

5. When not at Webroster where can we find a Computer Science graduate like you?

At the swimming pool!  I’ve recently started to learn to swim, after going on holiday to Turkey and wanting to go scuba diving I realised I really needed to learn to swim first!  I love a challenge so this is a great one for keeping fit too.  I love socialising and go often go to Agile Peterborough meet ups for techies like me!  They run Agile on Tap at The Brewery Tap in Peterborough, where they invite speakers from high-tech companies to share knowledge and expertise with students and local businesses.

Webroster Ltd is one of the eleven companies in Peterborough taking on graduates as part of a venture to improve innovation.  The Peterborough DNA programme is designed to shape a smarter and more sustainable city. Its aim is to show the impact talented individuals can have on a business and reinforce the graduate presence in the city.
Faraha will be blogging about her time here at Webroster, so look out for regular updates on her progress with eLearning.

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