Webroster 12 Tips for Christmas

Get the most out of your Webroster.net system with our 12 tips for a stress free Christmas!

  1. Remote workers may feel cut off from office festivities: Send an SMS to all staff using our SMS module to wish them a ‘Happy Christmas’!
  2. Santa is checking his list, have you double checked the ‘uncovered requirements’ on your staff roster have been filled over the holiday period?
  3. Christmas cards stuck in the Christmas post backlog?  Ensure your updates from the Webroster team get to the right people by making sure your company page details are up to date!
  4. Dreaming of a white Christmas?  Use the Travel module to extend travel times between visits in bad weather.
  5. All I want for Christmas is…..no stress!  Use Webroster.net to ensure cover is in place over the holiday period
  6. Santa might find the Real Time Mapping module handy for keeping track of all his little helpers, use it to show the actual location of field based staff members on a map.
  7. Taking time off over Christmas? Managers can ensure care plans are implemented by using Alert Manager to check for unplanned deviations to the roster from a mobile phone.
  8. Field based carers don’t have the benefit of being able to fly to their next appointment by reindeer driven sleigh, ensure travel times are recorded using the Webroster.net Travel module!
  9. Need to set up different pay rates for the Christmas holidays in Webroster.net?  You can add public holidays to Webroster.net and the system will automatically charge your clients or pay your staff a different rate for these days. To do this, you need to manually set up each public holiday within the ‘Rate Sheets’ section of System Setup.
  10. So how does Santa know what to put in your stocking?  In the absence of Santa magic, enable staff to see where they should be and when by accessing their roster from their mobile phone using the Bee app.
  11. Before you ‘step into Christmas’ why not ensure all carers have been tasked with wishing clients a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
  12. Enjoy the festivities and a stress free 2015 with Webroster.net


Happy Christmas from Webroster

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