What is a web-based software update and why is it so important?

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We’re all familiar with the message popping up on our smartphones asking us to update our operating systems. Many of us opt to manually update software installed on our devices as and when we want to. Yet with web-based software, things work a little differently; updates are automatically applied – appearing when you next log in.

What is web-based software?

Web-based softwareWeb-based software is software (also often referred to as a platform or system) that you use via the Internet using a web-browser, like Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome or Microsoft Explorer.

Web-based software offers many benefits to businesses, for example:

  • You don’t need to worry about backups and whether they’re secure.
  • Your database will be centralised – meaning authorised users can access it any time via a multimedia device.
  • You don’t have to worry about hardware being lost, broken or stolen and taking all the software data stored (and not backed up) with it.
  • Add in the fact that updates do not require user involvement and businesses can save significant time usually spent implementing and rolling out updates.

With web-based software all of the above are looked after by the software provider; saving you considerable IT time and resource.

How do web-based software updates work?

Just like any software update, a web-based software update usually includes some or all of the below:

  • Bug fixes (e.g. fixing minor issues or faults with the software)
  • Security improvements to ensure the software is not vulnerable and your data stored in the software is secure
  • New features and enhancements
  • Improvements to compatibility with devices and/or browsers

A software update is free to the user (a software upgrade is often at an additional cost, including significant changes or improvements over and above the current version).

The difference with web-based software updates is that the update is always automatically applied to the software. When a user logs in after the update has been applied they will be accessing the latest version of the software, without having to do anything themselves.

Although, it is worth noting that some users may need to clear the cache on their browser before they can access the updated version of the software. If you ever have any queries about accessing an updated version of our web-based software, Webroster.net, you can get in touch with our customer support team on 01733 516 030 or support@webroster.com.

At Webroster, our dedicated team of developers create each update to Webroster.net and its modules – ensuring new features are fine-tuned and bugs are fixed ready for the update to be released to users. When it is ready, the Webroster development specialists roll the update out to users at a time when the software experiences its lowest usage rate (normally out of office hours).

We will always email customers ahead of an update to ensure they are aware of any anticipated, momentary downtime in the system and to make sure you have the opportunity to prepre for any changes coming to the system.

If updates happen automatically, why do you need to know about them?

Apart from being aware of any downtime associated with an update, it’s still important that users are aware of what’s being introduced – even though you don’t have to make the update yourself.

customer experienceBeing aware of what an update includes enables you to:

  • Pre-empt any changes that may affect how your staff use the software. You may want to update user guides or information sheets to ensure everyone is aware of the updates being made.
  • Know about new features that may be available – allowing you to enhance your use of the software. For example, in the Webroster.net version 3.7.0 update a new feature that allows users to quickly add a staff or client break into a roster was added. If you are aware of a new feature like this, you can start to make the most of it when it’s released!
  • See if your feedback has been included in the latest update. At Webroster we pride ourselves on listening to our customers and gathering their feedback on what they would like to see introduced or improved in Webroster.net.
  • Understand more about the security of your database. As already mentioned, software updates – web-based or not – often include security enhancements to ensure the platform is secure and user data is not compromised. This can be crucial for businesses, particularly in the care industry, where compliance is key and staff and service user information and data needs to be securely stored at all times.

How can you find out more about updates coming to Webroster.net and its modules?

The best way to find out more about Webroster.net updates or is to sign up to receive emails from us.

In our emails we will provide you with Webroster news and the latest updates and customer information. This will include links to our release notes, which detail the features, enhancements and fixes you can expect from a forthcoming update.

Don’t forget about updating the Webroster smartphone app, Bee

Lastly, for customers who use our smartphone app, Bee, it’s important that you manually check whether the app is set to be automatically updated or will require user input and verification to update.

Unlike Webroster.net, Bee needs to be installed onto your device – just like any other smartphone app. As a result, users need to download the latest updates to make sure they have the latest security, enhancements and functionality available to them.

It’s also crucial to keep your operating system up to date on your smartphone to ensure you are still able to access your apps securely. Often, the likes of Google Play and the Apple App Store, stop supporting older versions of their operating systems and, as a result, apps that work with those operating systems. If you are using old versions, you may not be able to access and/or update your apps any longer.

All in all, updates are crucial to ensuring you get the very best experience from your software – whether it is web-based or not. At Webroster, we always strive to provide updates that offer improvements for users alongside exciting new features that further enhance the possibilities the software offers.

In 2002 Webroster.net was developed as the first web-based care-specific platform and today we haven’t stopped developing that technology with our updates being a key part of that innovation.

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