We did it!

After months of planning, discussions, meetings and hard work, we did it!

The Webroster User Group meeting 2010 took place at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens this week. We didn’t let a bit of snow and ice stop us (a massive hello to Rob by the way who travelled for 10 hours from Fife to reach us) and we had a successful and productive day.

The theme of the day was ‘Getting the most out of your webroster.net system’ and we certainly delivered that. Our MD’s opening presentation looked at all the recent features, since last year’s User Group, which we’ve added to make webroster.net smarter and more efficient. He then went on to explain some of the amazing new and innovative developments we have in the pipeline.

We also had our very own senior web designer Glen, who gave a talk about the usability of webroster.net and how he plans to consult customers over the next year with a view to making any improvements they see fit.

The Webroster Group’s online health and social care directory, you2choose, also made an appearance with a short presentation about how this resource is evolving and developing in line with Personalisation.

We decided to make a few changes to the day this year, as the webroster.net customer base is getting bigger and better; we changed the location so that we were more central to more of our customers. And wow, the Birmingham Botanical Gardens didn’t let us down. We expected gardens and greenery, but the jungle like corridors, greenhouses, parrots, peacocks (and cat!?) was certainly not what you expect from your average conference venue!

As well as the change of venue, we also changed the format from previous years and invited two guest speakers. Although unfortunately our service user, Sharon, had to pull out at the last minute, Don Derrett from Self Direct stepped up and gave a fascinating presentation about Personalisation and helping providers to change. This, along with Jeanette Grant from Swindon Borough Council’s insight into care standards and re-ablement really enhanced the day.

We also brought in 5 exhibitors who showcased their products and services (and masses of free merchandise) during the breaks.

And just when you thought we couldn’t cram any more into the day, we also managed to raise a bit of dosh for the JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) with a charity raffle!

If you attended the day, please please please remember to send back your feedback foms as well as the Development’s Feedback sheets from workshop A – it’s really important to us to know what you like/dislike so that we can continue to move forward in the right direction.

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