Using Software to Improve Continuity in Care

Continuity in care is something that we all agree is important, but do we really know how to efficiently manage continuity?

So what is ‘continuity’? The Department of Health suggests that continuity in care is provided through continued access to historic patient health information, consistent management of care provided and good relationships between carers and patients.

This tells us that care users value sustained care; care which is provided by the same people and same teams in the same way. Continuity in care gives care users stability, reassurance and trust. So in today’s hectic and often unpredictable society, we need to look to new ways of working in order to ensure that this sustained care is kept up.

Here at, we believe that the key to effectively managing continual social care provision is through an increased use of software and technology. Like all other industries, technology is often overlooked in social care. Busy day to day jobs leave little time for managers to learn how to use new software, let alone teach their teams how to make the best use of it.

The key is to find a way for the technology to actually save you time, make your life a little easier and, most importantly, improve the service that your business provides. If it doesn’t do all of these things, then it’s not worth wasting your time and money on.

So, in order to meet the demands of providing continuity in care, first we need to assess how care is being managed at the moment. Are care users being visited by different carers each week? Do the carers have access to previous health records and information about that client? Is there a lack of consistency in the tasks that are being completed on the care visit? Are client’s being invoiced for care that they haven’t received? All these factors lead to a negative client experience and are easily overcome by the use of software.

For example, a simple rostering and workforce management system, such as, will ensure that each client receives continual care from the same, preferred carer on each visit. It will securely hold client health information, for access whenever it’s needed, and it will ensure that client’s are only billed for the exact amount of care they receive. But above all, using a software system to do this for you will reduce the risk of human error and therefore ensure the highest possible levels of continuity on care.

The technology world is out there for everyone to use and believe it or not, it’s designed to help you, so embrace it and make it work for you to meet your goals.

What does Continuity of Care mean to you?

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