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Communications between you and your staff is something which is rarely given much thought in today’s business world, but actually it is something that we all do every day. So, how do the channels that managers communicate with staff, particularly remote or mobile staff, effect daily business operations?

By using suitable technology to help with daily communications you can vastly reduce your administration time and costs. Take a home care organisation for example, office based staff will probably speak to field based carers throughout the day, informing them of any changes to their schedule or checking if they can go to see Mr Smith at 10am on Wednesday.

This is not only disruptive to the office staff but also to the field carer who is trying to carry out a job. A simple booking request system such as’s Booking Enquiries system will automatically email a booking request to the carer, which they can either accept or decline; saving both office and field staff time.

You may also find that by simply changing the way you communicate with field staff, their motivation is raised and therefore output is likely to improve. The Booking Enquiries system mentioned above not only saves time but also gives field staff more control over their schedule. When people feel included in the decision making process they are often more willing to give a little more.’s Staff and Client Portals let field staff and clients log into to an online portal to view and print their own schedule as well as update their own availability. Not only does this process improve efficiency back at the office but again, give staff the control they require.

Technology can be used in endless ways to streamline communication and bring benefits to businesses. But it is important not to forget about your staff; effective communications are two way, so give them the option to contact you if they need to and make it easy for them to do so.

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