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Amid all the Royal Wedding excitement, Easter Eggs and Bank Holiday bliss, has announced it’s first ever series of User Group Road Shows. These will be held across the country during the Spring and Autumn, to give customers the chance to hear about and share ideas for future plans for the system.

We traditionally holds a single User Group meeting annually but decided to hold smaller, regional events this year so that customers can get more out of the day.

Managing Director Nigel Gittins said: “By holding a series of smaller events we can spend more time discussing the issues, developments and products that customers want to hear about. Feedback from previous years showed that customers get more out of the smaller workshop sessions that are usually held in the afternoon. With the new road shows we aim to have more, extended workshops throughout the day.”

Road shows will be held in Reading and Edinburgh in June, followed by Peterborough and Manchester in October. This is an opportunity for customers to tell us their views on and have a say in what is developed in the future. It is also an ideal occasion for customers to network and share how they use the system with others.

Customers will be recieving invitation emails and details shortly so please let us know which road show you would like to attend.

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