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The New Year health kick must have gone to our heads here at Webroster as we’re feeling very generous indeed!

We are giving three customers the chance to try our brand new all singing all dancing Android app, ‘Webroster Mobile’ completely free! This pilot offer is open to all businesses who use so get in touch quickly as we only have three to give away!

Webroster Mobile gives field based staff an ‘all in one’ mobile rostering and electronic monitoring tool. The app uses technology from’s current mobile electronic monitoring system, PhotoTrac™, combined with an intuitive interface to provide an all encompassing mobile solution.

Through the app, users can check in and out of visits, add additional tasks to bookings, create ‘unplanned’ booking as well as view their roster information and client details from their mobile phone. The app also features a panic button which, when pressed, raises an alert with any pre-defined parties.

Webroster Mobile downloads and securely stores details about bookings and clients that are needed by a staff member for a day. Therefore, even if signal is not available, the staff user can still access their daily roster and see certain client details.

Users can also accept or decline booking requests via email and make use of sat nav and other Smartphone features to streamline working processes.

It been designed to reduce the need for managers to print staff worksheets each week as staff can now view their own rosters and client details on their mobile phone. The electronic monitoring functionality means that there is no need to process timesheets, as real time check in and check out data is automatically sent directly to the database.

If you’re interested in piloting Webroster Mobile, please contact or comment below.

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  • sarah hulme
    March 25, 2012

    i’ve downloaded webroster for android but it wont let me log in!!

    March 26, 2012

    Hi Sarah, are you already a customer? If so, do you want to give our support team a call?

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