Top tips for managing reablement care packages – communication is the key!

reablement service planReablement or rehabilitation care plans are becoming the norm in many areas of the UK, they aim to keep people out of hospital and living in their own homes.  Reablement is also positive for carers as they see benefits for the client first hand.  The focus of their work is not just to give the same care or service week after week, but job satisfaction comes from seeing someone progress to doing more tasks for themselves.

Reablement can bring many positive benefits for clients but is not always easy for care providers to deliver.  Difficulties faced by Care Managers include managing a higher turnover of clients as the focus changes from long term care to learning or relearning skills for independent daily living over a short time period.  Gathering, storing and accessing data can be a major headache as scores for tasks and their outcomes have to be recorded and analysed at each visit.

Here are our top tips for using technology to help deliver reablement care packages:
1. Communication – Care coordinators require feedback on the clients’ progress. Recording and measuring results is key to monitoring the outcomes of reablement care services. Use your rostering software to maintain the communication loop between carer, care manager and the commissioner of care.

2. A professional relationship with the client needs to be established quickly due to the short term nature of reablement care.  Ensuring key information is stored centrally and can be accessed at the point of care delivery is essential.  For example, carers can access their clients’ previous scores for tasks via a mobile phone app.

3. Continuity of care is vital, so ensuring the same carer is rostered to the client for each visit can be a major factor in the success of a reablement service plan.

4. Flexibility is key to the success of reablement care packages, ensure changes to care plans can be made and communicated quickly to carers in the field.  Workforce management software packages with electronic call monitoring can help with this.

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