Top tech tips for a better work-life balance

Managing a field-based workforce that’s on call 24/7 can present many challenges, especially if you’re responsible for rostering their time.  Getting a good work-life balance is not only key for you as a manager but also for your team.  Using mobile technology can mean you’re on call 24/7 and never get to switch off, but used smartly you can turn it to your advantage and free up some much needed ‘me time’.

Top tips for working smarter and saving time using mobile technology;

1.   Meet or talk electronically

Instead of lengthy phone calls with team members or face to face meetings, consider using a messaging application to communicate with your team. Quickly sending an email or SMS allows you to contact multiple members of staff at the same time, freeing up valuable time for other tasks or activities. Team members can also reply at a time that suits them without disrupting work tasks or family life.

2.   Switch from paper based to mobile processesBee webroster mobile app

Use tools and software that enable your team to access to roster, timesheet and customer information wherever they are. With mobile technology at their disposal, your workforce gains real-time access to valuable information whenever they need it without having to call the office or wait for paperwork to arrive. For example, Webroster Bee app gives easy access to work schedules via a mobile phone, allowing team members to create and check into bookings, access customer details and log completed tasks all at the touch of a button wherever they are!

3.   Manage your time accurately and set goals

Ensure you are scheduling smart! Set defined tasks and outcomes for yourself and members of your field based team that can be measured to make sure you are making the most of every minute. Use a mobile app that allows workers to access scheduled tasks and log when tasks have been completed. Giving workers access to their rosters and tasks via a mobile device also means any changes or additional information can be communicated instantly freeing up time for other tasks or a bit of ‘me time’.

4.   Automate tasks wherever you can

Save time by using online software that can be accessed anywhere with an internet link and allows you to automatically match staff skills and qualifications to your client requirements. allows users to automatically generate timesheets and automatically verify them using Electronic Call Monitoring saving you time creating and checking timesheets.

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