Top 10 benefits of using NFC for remote workers

Near Field Communication (NFC) is a high frequency wireless communication technology that allows the transfer of data between two enabled devices at short-range or with a simple touch, such as a mobile phone and a payment point.  NFC is increasingly being used by companies employing remote or field based workers, such as home carers and security guards, who use their mobile phones to register their location and log visits.

When used in conjunction with workforce management software the real time nature of NFC technology delivers additional benefits such as lone worker monitoring.  Managers are able to monitor staff as they check in and out of visits or sites and use their workforce management software systems to raise an alert if staff don’t log in as expected.

We’ve identified the top ten benefits of using NFC technology for remote workers:

  1. Integration: No need to carry additional devices to take advantage of the benefits of NFC,  the technology is integrated into many mobile phones
  2. Peace of mind for the user: Their last known location can be quickly identified should lone workers encounter a problem
  3. Improved service: When used in conjunction with scheduling software it enables managers to improve service delivery by reacting to unplanned deviations to schedules quickly
  4. Real time information: Enables managers to collect information about completed and incomplete tasks in real time
  5. Saves time: No need to make a separate call either on mobile or land line to log in or out of a site or visit
  6. Security: NFC data transfer is secure because it’s over such a short range
  7. Stability: NFC technology is based on universal standards (ISO, ECMS and ETSI) giving it stability and security
  8. Speed: Data transmission is instant, there is no need to open an app or wait for analysis
  9. Ease of use:  Data transmission is invisible to the user and only requires a single touch
  10. Flexibility: Managers can quickly and easily overwrite and update information currently on the tag

For more information about NFC technology (Near Field Communication) see:

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