Tools care providers and professionals can use to boost productivity and save time

These tools are built into to boost productivity and save you time can save you a lot of time and hassle when it comes to rostering staff schedules. But did you know there a whole range of resources designed to make you even more efficient?

 Webroster is great for rostering. There we said it. We thought it was so good, we even put roster in our name. But we know the key to the smooth operation of a care provider is much more than just a (super advanced) rostering system.

It’s about all the other workforce management processes and software that goes with it. Fortunately, offers a range of software to boost productivity so you can achieve better communication with staff and clients, streamline processes and generally improve care delivery, profits and staff satisfaction.


Make informed decisions with MIS Reports

“Reports are the glue that hold an effective workforce together”, said nobody. They might not be sexy but reports really do hold a lot of insight and, therefore, power to grow your business.

Your rostering system is an absolute goldmine when it comes to useful data.’s MIS (management information system) reports pull out this data in an intelligent format that allows you to track and report on budgets and targets, monitor performance over time, and view top level company performance information.

Sure, you could probably find this and extrapolate this information from your rostering system manually. But why spend the time doing that when MIS Reports will do it for you in a fraction of the time.

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No need to lose track with Travel and Mapping

Knowing exactly where field-staff are at any given time might sound creepy, but it’s crucial to improving efficiency, such as optimising routes or even avoiding traffic spikes.

The Travel module does just this and more. For example, it can calculate the travel time and mileage required for staff to attend an appointment, which reduces the need for team members to input their own expense claims.

The Mapping module works in tandem with Travel, using GPS and electronic monitoring systems to accurately show the whereabouts of staff in real time. This is particularly useful when deciding who should respond to an emergency – Travel and Mapping work with your rosters so you can see which care professional is best placed to attend, based on proximity, traffic and other parameters.


Don’t forget about finance

Does the idea of mileage expenses being automatically calculated by Travel and Mapping modules and seamlessly integrating with your finance team sound good?

Good, because that’s exactly what’s Invoice and Payroll module allows you to do.

Because the module works with the rostering platform, data is pulled automatically from the system so you don’t have to. No more need to pull data from timesheets or the finance team using that information to create invoices – it’s done for you.

This information can then be used to create invoices for clients, as it is based on accurate and verified timesheet data. It even exports into external finance software, such as Sage or Iris.

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Real-time notifications

You can have the best laid-out plan, but creating a roster is just the start – you also need to monitor and manage it. Keeping on top of staff appointments, their whereabouts and more is crucial to patient care.

Alert Manager gives you the information you need to keep your plans in shape or adjust them if necessary.

Staff member checks in to an appointment late or leaves late? You’ll be notified. Patient appointment missed? You’ll be the first to know.

Equally, if there’s a good reason for a deviation from the roster, and the office team agrees, you can reconcile this using Alert Manager.


Never fear change

There’s a lot of moving parts in any care provider office and a lot of data, from rostering updates, appointment changes, staff changes, financial information, client details and more.

It can be daunting if you need to make changes or, worse still, you think a change has been made in error.

The History module keeps track of changes, giving you an easy way to monitor what updates have been made and who made them. This also provides accountability for any data changes, which in turn encourages more consideration before a user makes a change – no bad thing!

If errors are made, however, they’re easily consigned to history by History.



Go paperless and collaborate

Remember when computers were going to save us from filing hell? No more need for clunky filing cabinets or reams of paper. Instead, we would be in a paperless and seamless filing nirvana.

While we certainly saved on paper and office floor space, we simply migrated our other filing problems from floor to screen. Word documents would somehow spawn numerous versions of themselves across multiple folders, and the folders themselves never really made sense.

Frustratingly, it was extremely difficult to collaborate on documents together despite sharing a server. The general feeling was one of unfulfilled potential.

But then the cloud came along. And along with it, Webroster’s suite of helpful modules including Document Manager.

Document Manager is a secure and central hub for all your files, policy documents, procedures library, and more. It’s easy to navigate, you can decide who can access, view or edit files and share them with colleagues or other individuals. You’re even able to track any updates to files.

On top of this, the cloud storage component means these files are accessible from anywhere, so long as you have an internet connection.

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Sharing is caring

Speaking of collaboration, ensuring your staff are kept in the loop on new and relevant information is key to fostering a good team ethic.

Webroster’s Staff and Client Portals allow the easy sharing of information. Staff can access their employee portal to see rotas, timesheets, gross pay, details of employee records and more – but importantly you retain the control. So, you decide who sees what information and when and staff only need to deal with the information that’s relevant to them.

Our portals work brilliantly with Document Manager too!

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Stay mobile

All these modules are really useful, but what if you’re on the road? Fortunately, the power of and its modules can be condensed into the palm of your hand.

Our Bee app is an easy-to-use smartphone app allowing care professionals and other employees in the field to stay up to date by accessing upcoming bookings, shifts, visit notes and much more.


PASS system integration

With so much information being read, notes taken, and other data being recorded, it’s almost inevitable that multiple systems will be involved in your care business.

But there is a way you can be more efficient and simplify your care and workforce management processes. and everyLIFE have teamed up to ensure both our systems seamlessly integrate – forget ever needing to manually input the same data into multiple software solutions. and the PASSsystem work together to ensure you can focus on delivering quality care. Regardless of which system you use to input data, the integration means both are updated in real-time.

Watch this short video to see how it works.

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