The value of ‘The Cloud’

Cloud computing allows limitless access to IT managed services including infrastructure, capacity, applications, various platforms, software, licenses, business processes, desktops, security, back-ups, email, data and much more – all via an internet connection.

  • Access anywhere, any time

Data, systems and information stored in the Cloud can be accessed at any time from any where with an internet connection. This means businesses are no longer bound to traditional working hours and office based locations so productivity can be greatly improved. 

  • Reduce risk

By storing information in the Cloud you automatically protect it from the risk of fires, theft and loss. It will always be securely stored and ready for when you need it!

  • Reduce restrictions

The Cloud enables you to use almost any internet enabled device to access the data you need. Certain software systems may be compatible with a certain range of devices only, but generally the market is opened up for you to use devices of your choice.

  • Reduce reliance

By using the Cloud you substantially reduce your reliance on other products. You no longer need to rely on the hardware installed at your office, or indeed on be in your office, in order to work. The Cloud enables applications and data to be more compatible with a wider variety of end user devices and software systems. This reduces the reliance on any specific hardware or operating systems to access or manipulate your data.

  • Unified, centralised and scalable

By using Cloud based systems and storage, you can ensure that all staff use the same version of any system for unified standards across the organisation. A single implementation of a new application can result in a quick and easy companywide implementation, regardless of the quantity of staff.

  • Sharing

Do you have multiple versions of the same document floating around the office? By storing information in the Cloud all staff can access and share documents and data.

  • Focus on core business, not operations

Cloud based software systems are managed and hosted for you, meaning none of your valuable time is spent configuring, deploying, upgrading and managing IT, but focussing on providing a service.

  • Improve cash flow

Cloud based software systems and data storage is both competitive and scalable. By saving money on IT this way, you can improve the operational cash flow of your business.

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