The Rise of On Demand Services

In recent years we’ve seen a push towards ‘on demand’ services that gives us the choice of what we use and when we use it. Such services fit in with our increasingly busy lifestyles and give us more control over our own lives.

Take on demand TV services for example, there are so many to choose from; BBC iplayer, 4oD, Love Film Instant, Netflix. All of these provide us with something that even the biggest cable TV package can’t; control. They allow us to watch only the programs that we want to watch, at a time that suits us.

If services want to continue to benefit from our custom they need to remove the restrictions and give us control. The trend has come from an increase in technological developments which mean we have more choice in every service we use. Therefore, it is a buyers market; choice equals control and this control seems to have gone to our heads! It means that we are no longer willing to change our plans, habits or lifestyle to fit in with the service we want to use. The service now needs to fit in with us.

So, will we eventually see a day when broadcast TV becomes a thing of the past and everything is watched instantly via on demand services? And what else can we expect to become ‘on demand’?


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