10 at 10: Ten great reasons to use VOIPTrac™ ECM

Webroster’s ECM system VOIPTrac™ celebrated its 10th birthday earlier this year. VOIPTrac™ is an electronic call monitoring (ECM) system designed to feed real-time information into your rostering and staff scheduling system. VOIPTrac™ uses a land line phone at the client location for the staff member to check in and out of a booking. There is no cost to the client and real time check in and out information is sent directly to the Webroster.net database.
10 reasons to use VOIPTrac™:

  1. Webroster VOIPTrac™ for ECM Compliance – ECM systems allow bookings to be updated with actual service delivery information, essential for demonstration of compliance with customer requirements
  2. Streamline – Financial and administrative processes are streamlined as timesheets can be automatically verified and fed into a linked payroll system
  3. Reduce manual processes – Between them Webroster.net users generate over 1.5m timesheets per month, manually verifying all of those means risking error
  4. Safety – ECM systems reassure managers that their staff have reached and left each appointment safely contributing to staff safety and wellbeing
  5. Be proactive – Alerts are raised if actual data does not match the roster and so problems or issues arising from unmatched calls can be dealt with proactively
  6. Reduce costs – Electronic monitoring systems verify timesheets immediately, meaning that invoices can be raised (and paid) quicker and cash flow is improved Read how Future Home Care used VOIPTrac™ to reduce costs in their business
  7. Save time – manually verifying timesheets can take a huge amount if you have a lot of field based staff. ECM systems enable this to be done automatically
  8. Accuracy – As electronic call monitoring systems give actual check in times, invoices, payroll and service delivery times can become more accurate
  9. It’s Quick – staff simply dial a number and the check in (or out) is done, there is no need to speak to an operator or report any information
  10. It’s Easy!

For more information about VOIPTrac and Electronic Call Monitoring contact us.